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Thursday, February 5, 2009

A couple months ago

A couple months ago we went to one of my friend’s house. Because she invite as for her daughter’s birthday Jasmine was so happy because a lot of kids there she can play with. And after that most folks are living home so the kids are gone Jasmine was crying. So my friend told me that she live close to the park and we go for a walk so that Jasmine forgot all the kids she was playing with. So we went to the park Jasmine completely forgot all the kids there in my friend’s house. While we are talking watching Jasmine the big dog came and my Jasmine stop running around she came and said wow! Big dog I like dog and man said really my daughter said yeah! Oh! That’s good and then Jasmine starts to huge the dog she really likes to kiss the Dog oh! My god Jasmine what are you doing she said Mama I like to ride the dog. And the owner said its okay most kids love his dog every time that he will go for a walk and see kids he always stop because kids likes to touch his dog and play with his dog.

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