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Monday, June 29, 2009


I just realize how expensive the furniture here in united states. Yesterday we went havertys store and I saw the price of the sofas. Wow I can’t believe how expansive it is equivalent to peso. One set of sofas is enough to build a nice house in the Philippines were I grow up. It’s also enough to buy an investment property. Especially the place where I grow up the land is only 300 peso per square meter the price of one set of sofas her it’s enough to buy a house or an investment property in our country. But I know that you can find a cheapest place to buy furniture and other staff. I just surprise the cost of the furniture here but it was so nice my husband was thinking about that sofas and other furniture. He told me that if you are using for 10 years that price was okay. So maybe we will look again next week and we will see. But anyway my daughter is crying now so I have to go until next time.

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