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Friday, May 8, 2009


Laos is just like Thailand a lot of temple and some people in Laos can speak Thai Lange. I really like to see the temple in Bangkok I when I was there I wish we can visit Thailand years from now. One of our friends in Thailand is dreaming as. He just sent me an e mail that said he has a new guest house so if we visit there we don’t need a hotel reservation because we can stay at his place. So hope next year we can plan to visit in his new guest house.
Beautiful temple every time I look at this picture I can remember everything when I was in Thailand. The people are such great that’s why I never forgot. It’s been all most tree years since I left there but until now I can still imaged all the happiness going on before when I was there.
I was planning to visit Laos before when I was in Thailand. But unfortunately I never had a change to visit Laos because at that time I was so busy until I went back to the Philippines.

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