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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New lens.

I know this time a year is not easy to get married especially if you don’t have regular job. One of my friends in manila are planning to get married and she is asking me to attend of her wedding ceremony in manila but I’m not sure if we can buy a cheap ticket going to the Philippines. We need four tickets and I don’t know if we can make it this time of year. Because when I look online the tickets was so expensive even my husband don’t want came with us it is still expensive. And we don’t have enough money to buy some presents to my cousin and friends there. Maybe all I have to do is to call my friend that we cannot come on her wedding I’m sure she will understand. And I can recommend one of my photography friends there in manila I know he is good photography and he is not asking for high price. Not like some others photography that they cannot take good picture and their price is too expensive. I know that he has good quality camera and he just bought new lens for his camera. I’m sure that he can take good picture of my friend wedding.

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