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Friday, February 27, 2009

New technology.

Sometimes I feel bad to my sister. Because if she gets online she just asks me how am I doing here and how’s Jasmine doing with her little sister. And after that she will said good bye for now because she will need to go somewhere else. I understand for that but every time we chat she always in hurry. But still I was so happy this morning because I saw my two sisters this morning on cam. It’s been almost two years now that I never saw my sisters and brothers. Before when I was there in manila I always visit my sister every four month or sometimes she will visit me in my apartment in Paranaque manila. And now we are so far away to each other but its okay because of our new technology that we can talk using the computers it’s very cheap not like before that you need to call long distance and it was so expensive. Now you can ether use your telephone or your PC? That way you can save money calling your love one's in abroad. I’m very happy with our new technology I hope next year I can buy computer for my sister so that she don’t need to go to Internet cafe to chat with me. She can chat me any time if she has on computer. But anyway it’s about 6:22PM local time so I need to go that is all for now.

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