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Monday, June 8, 2009


Most people reading a real estate book so that they can have an idea on how to make offer. Or how to manage their real estate business but some people like one of my friend don’t need I guide book. He just manage his business we the out reading he just use his own thought and now he is one of my idol. He doesn’t even go to college and now he own four apartments building in manila and two houses in Naval Biliran Leyte. I know he just bought a condominium in Makati city and I’m sure that he will stay only for a couple months and after that he will go back to Italy. Even though he has business in the Philippines he still works in Italy. His reason he got that investment from his job so! He doesn’t want to stop until his getting old and cannot work anymore. But most people are successful of their business because of their studies and have enough knowledge and experience. If you have skills you can get easily particularly if you want to know about it.

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