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Thursday, January 29, 2009

beautiful place !

I really like to stay this place because everything is close and I don’t need to drive every time that I need to buy something for our groceries or I need to buy a gift for my friend’s birthday. But we still look for a house. I wish we can find something similar here were we live right now. But I know it’s difficult to find something close to the groceries or close to the mall.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

cebu city

First time in cebu city with my friend Tim which is my husband now.He was taking picture of me every time that he will take picture I always ask him can I see it can I see it and he said no. He was so serious taking picture of me and I was so noisy. Until I drop his camera I’ am very upset and scared and I really don’t know what am I supposed to do at that time. It was our first night in cebu city and I don’t know cebu city even I come from Philippine I know only biliran and manila. Manila is the first place I went to. Tim was asking me why I’m so quiet and I did not say anything because I was so afraid and he said come on Janet talk to me now. This is not the way to solve the problem and don’t worry about it it’s only camera nothing especial you’re the most especial came give me a nice smile.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


When I arrive here in United States my husband said have you seen a panda before. I said no and he said do you want to go to the zoo I said yeah sure. When I saw this big panda I said wow! Never seen like this before the zoo was very clean the entire animals are healthy.


Friday, January 23, 2009

In March 10/2007

In March 10/2007 I was in my father house visiting my sister and brother and all relatives. It was so much fun I hope next year we can visit Philippines or Thailand again I miss my entire friend in Dumaguete and of course in cabucgayan were I grow up. But most of my friend in cabucgayan is in manila now. Manila is a capital of Philippines so most Pilipino wants to go to manila because there you can find better life or better job. Of course there are so many nice places in the Philippines but if you want to earn more money it’s better to find job in manila. But anyhow here some picture that my brother took while I’m doing something in my father kitchen.
I hope can have some extra cash so that I can help my father to build his house there its look raggedy when I was there maybe now it’s completely broken.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

bitter life

Most of my friends from the Philippines they want to come here in United States. Because they think that they have a bitter life here than to our country I think it is true because if you want to work hardly you can earn bitter than what you earn in Asia. In some other country like Thailand Cambodia and some other Asian country that is one of the reasons why people are living there on country because of the salary is so cheap. The other reason why people they want to stay in to another country it because they have a better life to live there. People who own business or retired can easily live to a very good area like in Caribbean or some other country that has very good white sandy beach. Travel is the most important thing if you have money. The best place that I like to go too is beaches that I never went.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Me in Thailand

Here some picture when I was in Thailand I was so skinny there but full of happiness.

We do our best to help Thai student to learn English Language.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Look at This!

It is popular in botanic gardens and a few larger private gardens because of its bizarre fruit. It is a very tall tree which sheds its large, elliptical leaves several times a year
I know this picture is beautiful if they have color.

Thai recipe

This is the food that most Thai people knowns and now one of my favorite foods to cook. This is very good food and it’s very easy to cook you can use beef or chicken. The ingredients is usually can find in any Asian market or in Thai market. If you want to cook Thai food this is the easy recipe.

1Lb. (225gh) ground chicken breast or beef
5 T lime juice
¼ c ground chili pepper
2T minced onion
½ t galangal powder
1 T ground toasted sweet rice
1/8 C chopped green onions
1/8 C fresh mint leaves
1/8 C chopped cilantro
Sliced red cabbage, green leaf lettuce, fresh pea pods, sliced carrots green bell pepper and red bell pepper.
1. Combine chicken or beef and sauce ingredient in a pan and cook chicken or beef until done.
2. Add toasted rice, green onions, mint leaves and cilantro. Garnish before serving. So try to cook this lovely Thai food to your family.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Football Picture!

I did not know how fun they are if you watch in the real game. That was my first time to watch this kind of game here in United States. I always ask to my husband before if the ticket are expensive and he said no because he has free ticket and you know how much it is one ticket 100$ oh! My god that’s like more than 4,000 peso but maybe you can get cheaper ticket I don’t know.

Friday, January 9, 2009

yahooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! miss you guys!

Every time that I miss my sister and brother I just look at the picture and imagine how they doing. I took this picture before I came here in United State. Since then I did not see them again some of my sister I saw on webcam. But I talk to them sometimes not every day because long distance to our country is so expansive I try to save some money for them because sometimes they don’t have money to buy rice or they cannot pay the electric bill so I give them money sometimes. It’s about 3; 44 in the afternoon all ready local time missing my family hope I can visit soon have a great day guys take care you all. Have a great Friday.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

That's me

hello every one i make a new website for my old and new picture of mind.I hope you will like it.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

happiness in your life

It’s always good to look back all the happiness in your life. And the place you have been. We know that we cannot remember what exactly happen in the past 10 years ago. But if you have some pictures of course you can imagined what happen right guys but some people they are good with their memory.
But I’m not that’s way every time I go I bring my camera with me. The last time that I put my camera on my bag got wet and is not working I saw plenty of water damaged watches. In my experience there are a few general rules for any wet gadgets. Fresh water recovery rate usually better any other liquid - salt water, soapy washing machine water etc give it a good rinse in clean water as soon as possible. So my partner bought me one again last Christmas I hope this camera will stay longer.