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Saturday, January 3, 2009

happiness in your life

It’s always good to look back all the happiness in your life. And the place you have been. We know that we cannot remember what exactly happen in the past 10 years ago. But if you have some pictures of course you can imagined what happen right guys but some people they are good with their memory.
But I’m not that’s way every time I go I bring my camera with me. The last time that I put my camera on my bag got wet and is not working I saw plenty of water damaged watches. In my experience there are a few general rules for any wet gadgets. Fresh water recovery rate usually better any other liquid - salt water, soapy washing machine water etc give it a good rinse in clean water as soon as possible. So my partner bought me one again last Christmas I hope this camera will stay longer.

1 comment:

Daniel Tyler said...

Great motivational article, you are doing great job by teaching people how to bring happiness in their lives. God Bless You

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