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Friday, February 27, 2009

New technology.

Sometimes I feel bad to my sister. Because if she gets online she just asks me how am I doing here and how’s Jasmine doing with her little sister. And after that she will said good bye for now because she will need to go somewhere else. I understand for that but every time we chat she always in hurry. But still I was so happy this morning because I saw my two sisters this morning on cam. It’s been almost two years now that I never saw my sisters and brothers. Before when I was there in manila I always visit my sister every four month or sometimes she will visit me in my apartment in Paranaque manila. And now we are so far away to each other but its okay because of our new technology that we can talk using the computers it’s very cheap not like before that you need to call long distance and it was so expensive. Now you can ether use your telephone or your PC? That way you can save money calling your love one's in abroad. I’m very happy with our new technology I hope next year I can buy computer for my sister so that she don’t need to go to Internet cafe to chat with me. She can chat me any time if she has on computer. But anyway it’s about 6:22PM local time so I need to go that is all for now.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Think back.

Sometimes I like to watch my old picture because I can look back my old hair cut or remember my old stuff from the Philippines. . Now while I’m looking my old photo I remember my favorite T-shirt that my boss gives to me. I wondering what did I do on that T-shirt maybe I give to one of my sister I just can’t remember. But any it is always good to look back in your past and think what you have done in your life.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not paying attention

When we are at the zoo my partner will always say please take video to our kids. Because I was taking video to the other people not focusing to my husband and to our kids when my husband look at the video he said to me look what you been taking all foot or sometimes I take video of the sky oh! My goodness I was not paying attention. I was so busy looking at the animal that I never saw before that’s way all the video that I took is not focused to my family. Maybe next time I will pay attention what am I doing.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Digital camera.

Most peoples in this world are using digital camera which is good. New technology you can take lots of picture and you don’t need to print or develop right away so that you can see the picture. Before if you take a picture you have to develop so that you can see the picture but this time a year you don’t need to develop right away. Some people are looking from their computer some are looking from the screen of the camera that’s what I do if I really want to see the picture right away.


It looks like this rocky beach is beautiful I never been this place. But I hope someday we can have a family vacation in Aruba. I know this place is very well-known and when I search Aruba has very nice sandy beach is just like some other place are usually nice. I’m sure there are plenty corals and different color full fish just like in Dumaguete Philippines. When I saw this picture of my partner I was dreaming to go too Aruba its look likes this picture of my husband he has a wonderful day.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When i was in Thailand.

When I was in Thailand I just crossed the border to get another stamp so that I can stay more months in Thailand.
This is me just crossing the border of Cambodia.

Friday, February 13, 2009


My brother is graduating from high school and I'm stumped as what to buy him for his graduation. He was dreaming to have a nice bike or cell phone but he cannot afford to buy .So maybe all I have to do I will buy him a bike so that it easy for him to go around the campus without sacrificing walking around the campus it will be perfect for my brother to go back and forth trips to our home on long weekends!, And also cell phone so that I can communicate with my smell sister. Especially to my brother because there's really no denying that college is an exciting time in a person's life. There are new friends, new activities, more freedom and independence. I think this is the best I can give to my brother graduation day I know I need to save some for his tuition fee for his college.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


I never saw this picture on personal but my partner and his brother so this skull in Cambodia. I think is fun to visit this tourist area in Cambodia my husband told me that there are so many nice creatures in Cambodia. But anyhow here is one picture that my partner took when he first visit in Cambodia.

Philippines Time.

It should be almost 2;30 am there in the Philippines on tuesday morning. I have been very busy here so far this week -- which is good. Also, I have been working to complete the other staff of Jasmine so that I can send them to my aunt beacuse she is living this weekend going back to the Philippines later this week. I finished a second one last night, but when I looked at this morning, I saw that there was a problem so I am doing it over again. Hopefully, I can finish a third pack this evening or by early Wednesday morning (my time).


Here are some photos of our wedding.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Canon Or Sony

It is true that some of us in this world, they don’t know yet about our new technology especially people who live in the small island. I was talking to my aunt last night about visiting to one of our relatives in Canada, and she was planning to buy this new version of video camcorders that came out couples years ago. She said this video camcorder is just like digital camera. I was surprised because even me I don’t know about the latest of this video camcorder. I always took video of my children so that when they grow up they can see what they are doing when they were little. But I don’t know about the new version of camcorder that my aunt was talking about. It’s always good to know what’s new. I guess it’s time for me to replace our video cam so that it is easy for me to connect to the computer without depending my husband. Canon or Sony may not have been first out of the gate with a flash-based camcorder--or second, or third--but one of its debut models, the high-definition Vixia HF100, gets it right the first time. I guess this is excellent for me to use high definition and it has lot of potential.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A couple months ago

A couple months ago we went to one of my friend’s house. Because she invite as for her daughter’s birthday Jasmine was so happy because a lot of kids there she can play with. And after that most folks are living home so the kids are gone Jasmine was crying. So my friend told me that she live close to the park and we go for a walk so that Jasmine forgot all the kids she was playing with. So we went to the park Jasmine completely forgot all the kids there in my friend’s house. While we are talking watching Jasmine the big dog came and my Jasmine stop running around she came and said wow! Big dog I like dog and man said really my daughter said yeah! Oh! That’s good and then Jasmine starts to huge the dog she really likes to kiss the Dog oh! My god Jasmine what are you doing she said Mama I like to ride the dog. And the owner said its okay most kids love his dog every time that he will go for a walk and see kids he always stop because kids likes to touch his dog and play with his dog.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It is always good to see what the most popular wallpaper on this year. We know every year some people are changing their wallpaper on their desktop. But for me it is good if I use my on picture on my desktop but of course some people are always creating new staff what best for their site. I wish I can do what they doing so that I can have some idea in the future.