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Friday, February 6, 2009

Canon Or Sony

It is true that some of us in this world, they don’t know yet about our new technology especially people who live in the small island. I was talking to my aunt last night about visiting to one of our relatives in Canada, and she was planning to buy this new version of video camcorders that came out couples years ago. She said this video camcorder is just like digital camera. I was surprised because even me I don’t know about the latest of this video camcorder. I always took video of my children so that when they grow up they can see what they are doing when they were little. But I don’t know about the new version of camcorder that my aunt was talking about. It’s always good to know what’s new. I guess it’s time for me to replace our video cam so that it is easy for me to connect to the computer without depending my husband. Canon or Sony may not have been first out of the gate with a flash-based camcorder--or second, or third--but one of its debut models, the high-definition Vixia HF100, gets it right the first time. I guess this is excellent for me to use high definition and it has lot of potential.

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