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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

blossom festival

We are planning to go back again next weekend in down town dc to take more family picture.I hope the weather will stay sunny so that the entire cherry flower well stay longer. There is a possibility that the weather next weekend is much better than the fast weekend. I saw lots of photography is trying to take natural light of their love one’s and of course I took some picture of the cherry blossom festival even the light is not so bright enough. It was so cloudy when we got there until we live the sun did not came up yet until late in the afternoon but we have so much fun there and after that we went to the restaurant and have breakfast that was a very good weekend for our family.

Monday, March 30, 2009


When I went Chicago I remember all the beautiful tall building. That I saw on TV when I was in the Philippines. I really like Chicago hope that I can visit there again soon and meet my friend from Philippines.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Take good picture

I just lost my camera in st. Martin last November now I’m planning to get a replacement to my camera. I think canon g10 has a better shot and it’s easy to use just like the one that I lost in st. Martin. The most important on this camera it will take a raw file that can be a just the color. Most of my friend recommend this canon g10 is a regular Canon Powers shot point-and take a very good picture and most important anybody can use with this camera even my daughter can take picture of myself because this camera is not to heavy and it’s very easy to use. Like what said this is a perfect camera for me takes a very good picture to our daughter.

Monday, March 23, 2009

six flags

I can’t wait to go to six flags again on this summer. Last year every Saturday and Sunday we got to six flags in Maryland or sometimes in ocean city. We have so much fun last summer I hope this summer we can do the same.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring year.

The weather today is very good but we have a lot to do today in the house. I’m just hoping we can finish early so that we can still enjoy outside. This is my second spring year here in Virginia state most of the flower is growing now. Some of the flower here in our front yard I never plant when I woke up this morning and open our door I said wow and I call my husband look at that it’s beautiful and he said yes it is maybe we can get more of those flower. It is spring all flower tress are going to grow again and all the cherry tree flower will came again soon. Last year went to down town DC and took a lot of beautiful cherry tree blossom flower and it was very pretty I hope we can take more picture of cherry blossom flower.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

small business

A lot of people are trying to start a small business. When talking to my aunt last night she said her brother wants to loan money from her. Because her brother want to start a small business like internet cafe there in Cabucgayan Biliran this area is not so popular and it is not develop town yet but I guess this area is good for this kind of business because a lot of high school student and there is only one internet cafĂ© on this area and its always full most student are waiting to somebody who will get finish to their project. I think this is the best business there were my aunt brother live maybe this is a good start so that our town will get develop right guys. Internet is most popular all over the country but some small island or town like the place where I grow up they don’t know yet what internet but of course they don’t focuses on this thing they are focusing to their life style you know. But anyhow I hope my uncle will satisfy on his business plan.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Graduation day

I’m just hoping that my sister will take a lot of picture of my brother graduation. Taking picture of your graduation is the most memorable day. Because 10 years after you graduate of your high school and you go to college and you will graduate of your college. And you will think back you can say to yourself wow! Time is very fast now I have a better life if you go to college and get a very good degree. I hope my brother will go to college and not to get married quickly. I know college has to challenge and a lot of potential but if you do the right thing you be good.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

wonder way

Sometimes I wonder way I can’t use any detergent Liquid for the dishwasher machine. Why you need to use soap good only for the dishwasher machine. So one day I tried to use joy liquid that I always use when I was in the Philippines. When trying to use joy hand wash dish oh! My god looks what I had done I should not try to use this kind of soap because this soap is good only for hand was not for machine. Now I know why I need to use soap that good only for the dishwashing machine. Because if I use soap for hand was and I will try to use to the machine it will make a lot of babbles that’s what happen but it’s good to know because since I was a kids I never saw dishwasher I always use my hand to was our plate or cloth

Monday, March 2, 2009

high school

Finally my brother will graduate at his high school now. I hope he can go to college even I cannot support him because I don’t have job.
And I don’t know if my husband will support my brother to his college. College is important thing in our life because if you have a better education you have a better job and people will look at you better if you have nice job. Especially in our town where I grow up most people there they will respect only to the people who have better education. They are okay but its better if you have finished any kind education or you just finish college. I think every town is like that because when I was there couple year ago my classmate who had graduate in college she was very fraud every time she talk is all about her college about her degree. But anyway I hope my brother can go to college I hope they have summer job for college there so that he have some money for his tuition fee.