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Monday, March 2, 2009

high school

Finally my brother will graduate at his high school now. I hope he can go to college even I cannot support him because I don’t have job.
And I don’t know if my husband will support my brother to his college. College is important thing in our life because if you have a better education you have a better job and people will look at you better if you have nice job. Especially in our town where I grow up most people there they will respect only to the people who have better education. They are okay but its better if you have finished any kind education or you just finish college. I think every town is like that because when I was there couple year ago my classmate who had graduate in college she was very fraud every time she talk is all about her college about her degree. But anyway I hope my brother can go to college I hope they have summer job for college there so that he have some money for his tuition fee.

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