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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

small business

A lot of people are trying to start a small business. When talking to my aunt last night she said her brother wants to loan money from her. Because her brother want to start a small business like internet cafe there in Cabucgayan Biliran this area is not so popular and it is not develop town yet but I guess this area is good for this kind of business because a lot of high school student and there is only one internet cafĂ© on this area and its always full most student are waiting to somebody who will get finish to their project. I think this is the best business there were my aunt brother live maybe this is a good start so that our town will get develop right guys. Internet is most popular all over the country but some small island or town like the place where I grow up they don’t know yet what internet but of course they don’t focuses on this thing they are focusing to their life style you know. But anyhow I hope my uncle will satisfy on his business plan.

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