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Thursday, April 9, 2009

English camp memorable moment.

English camp is the most memorable moment when I was in Thailand. There so many activities while you are in camp they keep you busy either you will dance or play and singing karaoke. I think Thailand and Philippines is similar culture we do English camp all most every day when I was there. I was really enjoying most of the time when I was in Thailand. The kids are nice and sweet they learn every quick. Most volunteer techs to the Thai student Basic English on how they pronounce. And sometimes we bring some material that can help to Thai children. I think every lesson that we teach to the Thai student is very simple. We consider not using the difficult words to them because just like me they are only learning on how to speak English. Before we start teaching to the Thai student we give them a nice presentation like dancing or singing. So here some picture that I took while they are dancing (som tam papaya) is a famous Thai dish while they are making on this salad they are dancing I think is cool.

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