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Friday, January 23, 2009

In March 10/2007

In March 10/2007 I was in my father house visiting my sister and brother and all relatives. It was so much fun I hope next year we can visit Philippines or Thailand again I miss my entire friend in Dumaguete and of course in cabucgayan were I grow up. But most of my friend in cabucgayan is in manila now. Manila is a capital of Philippines so most Pilipino wants to go to manila because there you can find better life or better job. Of course there are so many nice places in the Philippines but if you want to earn more money it’s better to find job in manila. But anyhow here some picture that my brother took while I’m doing something in my father kitchen.
I hope can have some extra cash so that I can help my father to build his house there its look raggedy when I was there maybe now it’s completely broken.

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