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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

good bye 20009

Some of my friends are not happy of what they got on Christmas day. I am chatting with my friend right now she is telling me about what her husband give to her on Christmas day. Just like me, I did not speak that my husband will give me a treadmill on Christmas day. I guess my husband care about my body. Because when I arrived here in the United States, I am only 108 ponds. Now as you know I am 128 ponds but I guess it is normal because I just had a baby and she is only two months old now. Since that I am not use to my body I always said to my friends to my husband that I am getting big, all of my cloth cannot fit on me and I don’t want to buy new cloth. Because all of my pants top that I bought from the Philippines, I never wear because I got pregnant when I was four month here in the United States. However, I am happy for what I got on Christmas day. Is not really what I speak but I am happy for it. People say it’s better than nothing oh well. But anyways advance happy New Year to all of us. I wish you could get want you wish on this year.


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