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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

IVR hosting service

Hi everyone we just came home a while ago from my doctor appointment everything is fine with me.But I still need to go back there in a few weeks from now. Anyway when I turn on my computer and check my email and of course my yahoo messenger I had offline message from my friend. She said that she needs to buy a new domain name and she asks me a favored if I can do a quick search about hosting. Since that I am free for a while I did a quick search about hosting. Perhaps I found this IVR hosting services. These website provide both inbound IVR and outbound IVR services to unify your customer’s experience and to generate efficiencies across applications. Their IVR software can support legacy interfaces such as SNA and MQ as well as HTML, XML, and web services interfaces. Therefore, if you guys need more info about this site please click the link you saw on this post.


noman khan said...

I read your post and need to thank you for sharing such pleasant lines. Be that as it may, I likewise need to instruct you to share more data as I had needed to peruse all the more yet didn't get acceptable substance from anyplace. IVR Application

Nicky Paul said...

The phrase design and development services means a standard of integrating applications all together using various web programming languages
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Nicky Paul said...

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