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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Universal Business Listing

I was talking to one of my friend online about having a new business. However having a new business on this bad economy, you should take a lot of time searching and asking to a friend who has better idea about business. I know if you start a small business and you know what kind of business you should start you don’t need to ask somebody. Perhaps if you think that you will start with a big amount of number I think you should consider searching and find out what’s the right company you should join. Today I found this UniversalBusinessListing website where you guys can Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN
Online Yellow Pages such as Superpages,
Portals and Guides such as AOL, CitySearch
Cell Phones and Mobile devices such as BlackBerry and iPhone
and other more. This provides an online interface where you can post enhanced business profiles and for $30 a year that data gets distributed to all the major search engines, online yellow pages, 411 Directory Assistance, mapping and Mobile/GPS navigation devices. It feeds directly into the primary databases used by all the major sites. I know there are many people using Internet for their own business. This Universal Business Listing service is distributes enhanced business profiles to Search Engines - has begun the release of its UBL API program.So if you guys want your business listed on the market right away. You should visit and see more details.

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