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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happy new year to all people in the world.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

reputable debt settlement companies

I am new to credit cards. When I was in the Philippines, I never used a credit card until my husband gave me one as a means of transferring cash. I would get cash advances and he would pay the balance every month to avoid finance charges. Here in the United States, both my husband and I generally use only American Express or a debit card on our checking accounts. For a short while after we bought our house, we used credit cards to get work done and to buy furniture, but my husband quickly paid off those cards. I sometimes hear of people who amass huge credit card debt. Indeed, my husband said that he had pretty big consumer debt after college and grad school. I understand that one way to get rid of big debt is to work with a debt relief company. But I think it would be difficult to find a good one. There is a website that I found that has a lot of information about finding reputable debt settlement companies as well as It also gives good information about the different services that are available like debt relief companies versus debt settlement companies and what they do. It is good to know that if I ever had problems with significant credit card debt that I could turn to their services for help.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The tree's all in the garland

No matter what kind of ornaments that you put on a tree, that isn't really the first thing that you notice on a Christmas tree. What you really notice is all the lights and the garland that you put on it because that stuff is so much more prominent. So I really like to concentrate on the topper and all of the garland.

This year though, I kind of wanted to change the mood of the tree by making some new garland. I found all kinds of ideas online with my ClearWirelessInternet and settled on some really festive lime green garland.

While I was at it though, I made a lot of extra Christmas garland to incorporate into my holiday decor throughout the rest of my house. It really did the trick and got my all of my dŽcor in the more lively and festive direction that I was hoping for. It was starting to get a little tired and drab, so that lime green definitely perked it up! IÕll have to hang onto this garland for at least a few more years.
Guest post written by Sophie Martin

Friday, December 3, 2010

Shopping for the Tree and Decorating It

My boyfriend and I just recently went shopping for our Christmas tree. We made a trip to the local department store in order to purchase an artificial tree. Since we have a cat that enjoys nature, we thought the artificial one would be a wiser choice to make. Before we left for the store, we made sure to set our home security alarm from When we got there, there were a lot of trees to choose from. I can't help but say that I felt rushed, since we decided to do the shopping right before my boyfriend had to go to work. It all worked out, though, and we picked out a really beautiful tree.
My boyfriend said that he would like a white tree and I agreed with him. We looked for a white tree and finally found one that was about three feet tall. We then bought all steel blue ornaments for the tree. Once we got it all home, I set it all up within an hour or two. The entire thing looks amazing and I have it lite right now as I'm typing this! Unfortunately, my cat loves the tree too, and has already climbed it a few times. I'm just waiting for her to break one of the ornaments that we purchased from the department store. I guess this is what true Christmas feels like!
Written by Lawrence Lester

Friday, November 26, 2010

buy gold

Well everyone how was your thanksgiving day I bit you enjoyed with your turkey day. And of course since today is the biggest sales day in America. I think most folks get up early this morning. Well I get up so early this morning but I did not go to the mall. Perhaps I did look online for the best price of gold ring that I can give to my father. Since only two weeks from now we visit Philippines. I know it’s a great way to buy gold online because one it has many choices and it’s not so crowded.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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North Face jacket

It was about seven years ago that I met my husband. We hit it off almost immediately and found ourselves traveling to various exotic locales all around the Philippines. One of the first gifts that my husband gave me was to use in our travels. After all these years, I still have that back pack which remains as sturdy as ever.

Now that we live in the Mid-Atlantic region, I periodically have to purchase seasonal clothing that is appropriate for the local weather patterns. In addition to the light summer clothing, this includes coats, jackets, scarves and other cold weather items. I recently learned that North Face also makes jackets and other all weather gear. And I have been looking around to try and get a sense of the range of their product offerings.

One of the great things about technology these days is that I can both research and shop for North Face apparel and other products from the comfort of home. Recently, I have been mentioning to my husband my need for a new winter jacket as my existing leather jacket is not really appropriate for very cold weather. I am thinking that an ideal choice would be a North Face jacket . Given the quality of their back packs, I am fairly confident that their jackets will reflect similar quality.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

dc ranch scottsdale

Well I am so excited about our trip to Asia. Since we don’t have any plan yet about what we have to do when we arrive there. I did a quick search this morning and I came across on this dc ranch scottsdale. This place is wonderful. You can really allow yourself to imagine everything what’s on your mine. Oh boy! Just thinking about this place it makes me a little bit delouse to people who can afford to buy this property. Anyhow DC Ranch is a nationally acclaimed private golf and residential community in Scottsdale. DC Ranch has been developed with a deep respect for the integrity of the land and a commitment to the preservation of open desert space on a spectacular piece of land at the base of the McDowell Mountains which provides panoramic views of Scottsdale and Phoenix below.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Aquarium of the Bay

When thinking of taking my family to a fun, educational place the Aquarium of the Bay always pops into my mind. We've had tons of fun times at this aquarium! Plus the kids have all learned something new along with all the older adults. Before I pack up the whole family into the car and leave I always go through a checklist to make sure I have everything I need. I make sure I bring a few extra changes of clothes for the little ones and I always turn on my home security alarm I found HERE right before I shut the door. Just doing a couple things can make the whole day go smoothly.
The most amazing thing about the Aquarium of the Bay is the fact that it teaches kids to preserve the ecosystem so aquatic life can live happily. Besides all the great education the whole family likes seeing the Under the Bay exhibit. This exhibit has long crystal tunnels filled with Moon Jellies and Pacific Sea Nettles. Those are only two of the thousands of aquatic creatures in the tank! As we all get towards the end of the tunnel we see more unique creatures like the Sevengill Sharks and Giant Skates. Our favorite part is the touch and feel center which comes last. Here we get to touch creatures such as California King Snakes and Leopard Sharks.
Thanks for the post from Stan Atkins

Monday, November 1, 2010

prescription eye glasses

I am very excited this morning to open my facebook account. Because I know there well new pictures down loaded from my cousin’s relatives and friends of course from the Halloween party. And sure enough I saw a lot of new pictures from my friends. Perhaps there was no pictures from my relatives I guess it because is not Halloween there yet. I forgot that the Halloween party in the Philippines is tonight. So I will try again to open my account tomorrow morning. So since I already saw all the pictures of my friends I will go ahead and search for a prescription eye glasses. Because looks like I needed one soon, but not sure. However I will try to search now just in case if I need one. I know where to buy or to look. I know is difficult to find one that has good quality and of course the price. Anyhow its already 11:39 I need to pick up my daughter so maybe I will try again latter since I did not find anything at this moment. I know it takes time to search for a nice one that has good price. So I will stop here so that I can get ready.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

multiple domain web hosting

Hello and happy Halloween to everyone I bit everybody at this moment are very busy preparing for the Halloween party or parade. Well I just finish a while ago and since I am waiting my husband to came home. I will check my multiple domain web hosting. Since this morning I got a remainder message from my web hosting service. As you know, I spent hours getting my site organized and personalized. After a while, I began to reflect on some of the commercial websites that I used all the time, and with my newly developed web-design skills, I wondered whether I might set up a commercial site of my own – maybe provide a bit of competition to Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. Well, my husband was very supportive of my idea. He helped me to brainstorm possible names and get a few sites set-up. Then 2009 happened and most of my larger plans were put on hold, where they remain to this day. However, I remain interested in pursuing my dream of an online business of my own. I sometime surf the internet to identify web designers, content providers and other services that might someday help me to achieve my dream.Any how looks like hubby is here now so let me stop here now so that we can start trick or treating. My kids are getting bored already they want to go out side now.But I still need to put my shoes on.SO that is all for now happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

engagement ring

Well the weather here today is very comfortable but very cloudy. Since the weather is very I decide to go for walk with my kids. When I saw the leaves turns yellow and orange I get back in side and get my camera. Well I remember last year this time a year a friend of mine got their engagement rings. It was very nice sunny weather were all beautiful leaves fall down from the trees. Well speaking of wedding rings, I am currently looking at this engagement ring catalog and I really adore on this diamond ring.

Friday, October 22, 2010

butcher block countertop

Well since we are planning to visit my folks in the Philippines, this coming December. Hubby did not higher somebody to remodel our kitchen. He is the one doing it a month ago and now he is almost finish. Now that he is almost done we are thinking of buying one of this butcher block countertop. And probably we well also change our sink into a stainless steel kitchen sink . But not this time maybe after we come back from our trip. Because right now we are trying not to spend any penny if we can help it you know. Oh well but as you know I would love to purchase this adirondack chair that I found online early this morning. Perhaps I very concern about our budget.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm a Mac, Now

I just got a new computer and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. After years of being a PC person (I had one of the first batch that came out!) I finally converted to a Mac. No, it wasn’t the shiny advertisements or new-age splendor of it all.
I’ve actually crossed over for creative reasons. For years, I’ve wanted to get into graphic design. I know people my age aren’t really that in to Web building and computers, but I’ve really taken an interest in it—and I want to take that a step further, to build my own Web site. Macs are ten times better machines for creative purposes, since they have programs like InDesign and PhotoShop so readily available, so I know I made the right decision. I think I’m going to make a site about my daily life, almost like a blog, so the grandkids and my own kids can keep up with me more regularly, since it’s harder to get together and even harder to find the time to just chat these days—they’re all so busy!

I’m also going to get some for the occasion, too, so I can hear every bit of their amazement. It’s going to be great!
Guest post written by Jean Harrows

Saturday, October 16, 2010

healthcare insurance

Looking for the best healthcare insurance company well good news. Because today while surfing online. I came across to this best health insurance quotes where everything you expected about health insurance are here on website that I talk about. So if you want to know more info about this site just visit

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Company Offers Life Insuranc

To those people who are searching for the best insurance company I had some good news for you guys. Because this morning I had found this Company Offers Life Insurance that has very great deal. I know it’s very difficult to make a decision when it comes to this topic. But on this company that I talk about they will guaranty you that you have made the right decision. So if you are interested this website please click the words Company Offers Life Insurance for more info.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Hiking is Family Fun

Going hiking is one of our favorite family activities. My husband and I along with the kids and dog enjoy being in the outdoors. Feeling the cool breeze and smelling the eucalyptus and oak is so pleasant. I love hearing the sound of chirping birds and the rustling of furry critters in the bushes. During the warm summer months, we usually make it to the local park trails two or three Saturday mornings a month. First, we have a big yummy breakfast at home then load a backpack with several snacks and bottles of water. We then put on plenty of sun block and sturdy hiking shoes. We also grab a light jacket because it can sometimes be chilly in the woods. Then, we set our boston ADT Home Alarm and drive five miles to the trail head. After parking the car on the dirt shoulder, we start off on the main trail. There are several smaller branch trails that attach to this main trail. So far we have explored practically every trail in that area. Usually, we rotate who gets to choose which route to take. While walking on the trails, we have wonderful family discussions that bring our family closer together. Hiking is so much fun!
Guest post written by Derick Burks

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

promotional calendars

I stop watching movie because a friend of mine called. So maybe I will finish the movie tomorrow since already 10:25 in the evening my time. Anyhow the reason why my friend called late in the evening it’s because her friends gives her two promotional calendars and she to give the other one to me. Also she was so excited because her green card comes this afternoon. Now she and her husband are planning to go vacation in Germany. Since most of her relatives are there. Well my friend is originally from the Philippines. Well I am very happy of my friends that she finally got her visa. I know it’s a month before you can have your visa. But her visa comes quick. Anyhow maybe my friend well come tomorrow here to drop that promotional calendar. I should maybe full out some meat. I don’t know I am kind of lazy now to get down so maybe not. As you know I notice this afternoon on Pilipino channel that they already talk about Christmas. I guess my friend gives me early my gift. Oh well I must think something about what to give to my friend.

Spy Drama "Undercovers" Top Pick for Fall

"Undercovers" is a new fall show that I cannot wait to see. This show premiers on NBC in September. J.J. Abrams brings more spies to the small screen. This time it is a married couple who are retired spies.
Samantha and Steven Bloom are retired spies who now make a living as caterers. When they are recruited by the CIA, the Blooms each accept the offer. The couple did not know one another who they were spies. Now they are back in the spy game and getting to know each other in a whole new way.
"Undercovers" stars Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the Blooms who have been described as a modern day "Hart to Hart." I have seen a lot of previews and am looking forward to watching it on my Direct TV packages in California. At first I was looking forward to watching because it reminded me of J.J Abram's "Alias." Now I am convinced that "Undercovers" will be something fresh and not reminiscent of Abrams' former show.
This is my top pick this fall. Spy television shows are always fun, but "Undercovers" needs to stand out to make it. "Undercovers" will hopefully live up to expectations.
This guest post from Hong Alexander

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home Decorating

When I bought my first house I was excited to do all the home decorating myself. I immediately used my clear bundle to begin looking up ideas and thoughts on what to do with my new home. I found places to buy curtains , curtain poles, rugs, floor mats, kitchen items, bath items and more. I wanted each room to be different and planned top paint each room a different color as well. So that each room had it's own theme. My daughter had chosen pink at the time and we decided to do stripes from the middle of the wall up in different colors, a dark pink strip through the middle and a sold light pink on the bottom half. It came out perfect! It did take forever though because of the multi colored stripes on the top half of the wall. The stripes were also different widths as well, which took a lot of time to paint and then remove the tape, dry and re-tape to paint the next colors. But, it was well worth it in the end. The room looked amazing.

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House mom on game day

Most people are shocked to learn that I work as a house mom at a college sorority. They wonder why in the world any sane person would want that job. But I tell them that it's pretty easy and pleasant, really.
The most hectic part about the job though is on football game days when the girls families come into town and want to get a tour of the house that some of their hard-earned money is going to, which is completely understandable. But I really love meeting the parents of the girls and helping ease their fears. We had a little cookout before the first football game this season and I think it was a real success.
I felt really confident this year because after a fiasco where I couldn't hear a sister's mom talking about their family business and had to act like I heard everything, I ended up going to Miracle-Ear. I knew that for this job I needed to keep up with the girls and couldn't let my hearing loss affect my relationship with them.
Some sorority girls may want a house mom who can't hear well so they can get away with sneaking out but I'm not going to be that woman.
Guest post written by Mary Caudill

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Myrtle Beach best hotels

I am so sleepy right perhaps I had so many things in mine to do. So maybe I’ll exercise first so that I can get more energy and after that I will check Because a friend of mine is going to Myrtle Beach and she wants me to search a nice place there where she and husband can enjoy on their vacation. She would love to stay in Myrtle Beach hotel because this place is very close to a shopping area and the view is very fascinating. So I think this well be cool if she can make a reservation at Myrtle Beach best hotels soon. I know she love to stay there for a few weeks also you know and have some fun playing golf for a few rounds. Well I would to go on this place too. But right now we cannot afford to go to a nice resort like my friend.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am so busy today cleaning up the house putting the dirty clothes in the washing machine. So therefore I told Jasmine and her sister to watch TV. I am glad that this has great show for children. I guess you know this already that LocalTV-Satellite has great show for children and for adult and even Directv as well. Well that’s what I always do when I’m busy cleaning or cooking I put my kids in front of television. Because if I don’t put them in to watch television they will keep me stopping what I’m doing. I know some parents don’t late their children watch TV for some reasons. But since I’m the only one who does the cleaning of the house I put my children in front of the TV and watch their favorite show.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I miss my Olympus

Yeah! I know most people nowadays have one of this canon camera. Canon camera is always what see to many people who like to take pictures. I don't know because the last time we went to National aquarium in Baltimore Maryland I've notice that most people who is taking pictures had a canon camera.

Oh!Well i just miss my Olympus camera.

advertising agency

I become addicted on using Internet since I arrived here in the United States. Because one I had no friends to talk to, at that time I was also adjusting my sleeping habit. Because I could not sleep right away in the night time. Therefore I play game online and search for anything until I came up to this Advertising Agency. I was so curious about this site so I take my time reading about advertising. So from there I learn that even I am at home I can still earn some cash. So I diced to make a blog even hubby keeps saying that my English is not good. I was so happy that I found that site because from their I feel that if I am setting in-front of my desk time is very quick. And I forgot that I am away from my family and friends. Now I send some money to my family in the Philippines from my own earning of my blog. I am so proud to say that I help my family for my small income of my blog. I know there are many blogger earns a lot of money from many advertising agency company. So at this point if you have internet connection at home I should say that it easy to get some extra income. All you have to do is to make a blog. But anyhow right now I am reading at this article about advertising agency bringing their clients into the 21st Century. So if you want also to read this article you can visit
Thanks and have a happy weekend.


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

scrub stores

Well thank you so much for my friend who fixed my website. If is not because of her help I am not able to use my page so thank you so much my friend.
But anyhow maybe some of you read already my post about medical scrubs online store. Well I am just happy to say that this online store that I am talking about is very amazing. Because their entire product that they are very affordable price. Therefore if you want to buy scrubs, buy scrub or buy scrubs online. I highly recommend this website to visit I'm very fascinating on these scrub stores medical uniforms. That’s why I try to share it to you all. So if you want to know what the next collections! Of this site please keep your eyes out on this website for your new fall catalog.
Thanks and have a great day.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Headed out for a productive trip!!

Headed out for a quick and productive trip to the store... and when I say quick I mean collect my coupons, get the ad, collect my four year old and his shoes, a snack for my four year old, my purse, let the dogs out, let the dogs back in, set the door alarm systems and finally make it out the door.

Who am I kidding no trip to the store is ever quick anymore. I have found myself excited and encouraged to use coupons to save me big bucks at the store, but the trade off of course is time- anymore I'm not sure I have it to give! Coupons have been an amazing source of savings for my family however over the last couple of months as the economy has continued to hit hard here at home. I have found a couple of super helpful internet sites that make the shopping list making easy and provide a great direction for deciding which store to head to, but I sure do wish someone would clip those coupons for me!

Coupons for us are a new way of life. It has become a fun game to see how many items I can come away with for free, something I never would have thought possible! I am looking forward to a time soon when my four year old can cut in straight enough lines to help me out!

Thanks to Marion Watkins

Monday, August 23, 2010

Great price to shop.

ShopWiki is a unique shopping store that you can find online. I had one friend in Germany who enjoyed shopping in Therefore I tried to visit this site this afternoon and I see that this site has everything I want to buy for Jasmine school. This website is available also in Netherlands and in Australia and other more English countries. They also have buying guides directory to help their shoppers who are in need of help picking the right product.And they will also help you find rare and unusal items that are difficualt to find to buy online or in a physical store. So if you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend or boyfriends is the best site for you to look too. Because any kinds of product what you are looking for are there and it has a great price. So go ahead and visit now for more info.

Friday, August 20, 2010


I was searching for cheap hosting service for my blog this morning and I came across to this website called Online Marketing services. This website is very informative and very affordable services Company. Therefore if you are interesting about this company please visit their site
Thank’s and have a great weekend.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tally Ho!

During the fall, my family heads to the big horse shows in south Florida. We run a large equestrian operation and my two kids are competitive on the A circuit of the horse world. We gather the ponies into the trailer and then I set the home security before leaving the farm. We drive from the Hamptons down to Palm Beach with 3 kids, 5 horses, 2 dogs and one groom. It can be stressful but, it is so worth every minute of seeing their faces when they get a blue ribbon.
The kids have learned to effectively ride their ponies around a coarse of 8 or so fences at about 2 and half feet high. For each division, there are two over fences classes and one flat class where they put the horses through their gates. The horse and rider are judged separately depending on the competition. I ride too but, I love watching my girls compete. The joy they get remind me of my first love- horses.
We have had their ponies for about three years and we are constantly training them. Ponies are more stubborn then horses but, they are good teachers for my girls. They ponies are a huge responsibility and are great tool for learning self discipline. I am happy we can all bond together in this family affair.
I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

address signs

I have been busy in the past few weeks. We went to New Orleans for five days and when we came back home we go ahead and paint our sunroom. This morning while I am thinking of searching for a address plaques. I go ahead first to open my website and do some short update and then search for a address plaque. I hope I can find the lowest price and of course the right color. Well it looks like I had found a good website that bunch of selection for a address signs. So if you guys are also searching for a house address plaques. I can recommend you to visit So go ahead and check there site for more info.
Thanks and have a bliss day.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eat Breakfast Even Late!

Ever since I was a kid, I'd love to eat at Denny's. I had acquired taste for breakfast, even for dinner. My fondest memories are setting the Georgia home security system before leaving then heading into the car for a drive that my stomach is already rumbling for in excitement.
Personally, I can't get enough of the Moons Over My Hammy, a delicious sandwich composed of scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese. My brother enjoys the Grand Slams a customizable assortment of breakfast goods. Customers can choose from bacon, sausages, eggs, pancakes, and so on to make their own dish.
While providing excellent service, they seat quite fast and take orders for drinks immediately, Denny's is especially Kid's Friendly which is probably why I admire them since my childhood. The kid's menu has a yummy variety which I remember back then my favorite was the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. What kid doesn't love chicken nuggets and dinosaurs? I'm not sure if they still have them dinosaur shaped but there are definitely chicken nuggets.
Kids also have a chance to eat free on select days posted on the windows and doors of the restaurant. There is also the option to have the workers sing happy birthday to the children! Overall it is a very fun atmosphere for kids, yet at the same time can be nice and peaceful.

Guest post by Quincy Lester

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

learn to play piano

One of our neighbors here send their five year old daughter to a private piano school to learn to play piano. I wonder how long it takes to learn piano. I guess for kids is only a month. Since they are young and they can easily pick up the keyboard skills you know. It makes a lot of sense, even if you are also having traditional piano lessons as well.
The key advantage of learning piano while they are young is they can learn easily.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Air Canada Centre

We haven’t bought any ticket yet because hubby grandmother might visit us here. Also kids are too small to travel and they already full price. However hubby keep checking on Air Canada Centre tickets and United Center tickets for the cheap price. Well speaking of tickets are you planning to take your family to a nice center event. Well good news because Target Center ticket is now available for purchasing tickets directly and also Pepsi Center. You can even call their number at 1-800-842-9750.
Therefore if you are one of those people who are wishing this especial event then go ahead and call the number you saw on this post.

Thanks and good luck.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Favorite Television Reruns - Psych

No matter how many times I watch the reruns, I can't get enough of USA's Psych. The conceit of the show is that the main character pretends to be a psychic to get work, but he's really just an excellent detective. Of course, most of the main characters of the show know (or pretty much know) that he's faking, but it adds a fun layer to what's already one of the best procedural crime shows on cable.
Although Psych is usually built around a "crime of the week" structure, the real fun of the show is just watching stars Shawn and Gus play off one another. The two have a comic chemistry that just pops off the screen. The comedy often reaches a fever pitch as the two quip, bicker, and pratfall through what would otherwise be a fairly somber police investigation.
USA has done an excellent job of creating a clever, engaging comedy that keep audiences coming back for more. Although the plots occasionally straddle the line between creative and ridiculous, Psych is just too much fun to let pass you by.
Thanks for the article from Antone Medina

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finding Summer Friends the Safe Way

Ten years old, just moved into the neighborhood. Now what? Got to find some friends, that's what. Can't spend all summer lazing around indoors, although a good book once in a while wouldn't hurt a thing.
Its too late to join softball or basketball, so the next best thing is to take a walk around the block to see if you can find some kids your own age.
If children are outside on their front porches or on the sidewalk, its safe to approach and start a dialogue. A good opener would be to say that you've just moved into the neighborhood, and ask what kinds of things there are to do when school is not in session.
Always let your parents or another trusted responsible adult know where you will be. Never, ever, even if invited, step inside the home of someone you've just met. The old adage, don't talk to strangers applies to adults in this case.
When playing at home, with or without your new-found friends, its always best to keep your low cost home security system armed. Your parents can give you information on handling this device. Remember, especially at night, keep all doors and windows locked. Some windows have special stops so that they can be opened for air circulation but not wide enough to allow an intruder to enter.
Contributed by Allen Mooney

Monday, July 26, 2010


My friend in Minnesota called last night and talked about this CCNA. Since I was very tired yesterday I said to my friend yeah! Send me the link and I will check it when I’m not tired anymore. Since I wasn’t able to check my email last night due to my tiredness, I go ahead and check my email this morning and I saw this CCNA training that my friend talked about last night. This website is very interesting because they offer different kind of skills on internetworking. Maybe latter this afternoon I will read more about this CCNA boot camp. I am sure I can get some compensation on this site. So for now I will get ready to take a bath while my little one still sleeping.


I called my sister a minute ago she was not really talking to me because she was watching her favorite show. She could not pose because she doens’t have one of this DVR that we got at home. I sometimes said to myself I wish DVR is cheap so that I can get one for my sister. But if I buy one for my sister Marisol I bit my other sister will get delouse you know what I mean. Will anyhow people how was your weekend I wish you had a great weekend like us too. Well we went to Ocean city Maryland we stayed there one night and the hotel that we stayed with is very clean and nice it has Time Warner Cable . This morning hubby and was thinking of coming back next weekend on my birthday. But perhaps I am thinking since we already spend a lot of money last week and plus we are going to New Orleans next month. It’s better for me to celebrate my birthday at home in this case we can save some money for our family vacation to the Philippines.
But probably hubby doesn’t agree with my plan since this is my priority day you know. He might tell that he already pay the hotel and all that because last year I told him that we don’t go nowhere but he just said to me that oh! It’s already paid so you need to go. So we will see plus I don’t care because that place has Dish Network.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trip to Wasilla!

Last summer I took a day trip to my father's house in Wasilla. I live in Anchorage, Alaska, and the trip was about 60 miles there, taking about an hour to drive. The great thing about Wasilla is that it is absolutely beautiful! There is vast wilderness and area untouched by civilization and buildings. This is truly one of the most beautiful places in Alaska. I go here frequently because my fiance and I both enjoy spending time with my father and step-mother.
There are a great deal of things to do in Wasilla, including swimming, hiking, boating, and diving! Lake Lucille is a wonderful place to spend time in
Wasilla and is only a short distance from my father's house. There is also the chance to visit Big Lake which is a bit further out from Wasilla. There aren't a great deal of mountains in Wasilla, but the amount of hills and vistas is absolutely staggering.
I lived in Wasilla for a year when I was younger and that is when I fell in love with the city. Palmer is its closest neighbor, but I never spent much time there. Another great thing about Wasilla is that it is not crowded like Anchorage or most populated cities. The people in Wasilla are friendly, laid-back, and helpful. The great thing about going to Wasilla is that I can be assured that my home is safe because I always remember to set my ADT home alarm system before I go. Nothing is better than not worrying about your home being broken into.
The article written by Victor Flowers

Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday we went to a crab party. I met a lot of people and we had great time socializing you know. At the first I told my husband that I don’t want to go. Because one hubby keep saying change your top is not good etc. And when I change it he said again oh okay changes your pants. Since I am a little bit annoyed with hubby I told him that okay I stayed at home. Plus if I go I will missed my show you know. So he said what the purpose of DVR for DIRECTV if you don’t want to use it. So he said okay Janet come on change your pants now so that we can go. Therefore I change my pants again, since our kids are waiting and ready to go. As soon as we arrived their people are already eating taking pictures etc. Hubby office mate said why we are kind of late, so he explained why and so on until their conversation went to DVR for Time Warner Cable and DVR for Dish Network you know. Hubby office mate said that he uses to record something on his DVR. I wonder how many people in the worlds know about DVR. When I was a kid my parent never owned Television and all of the sudden all knew technology pop that quick you know what I mean. I also notice that most folks here in they United States has high definition TV.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

accident insurance

Most of my friends here advance me to encourage my husband to teach me how to drive. Because the reasons why they learn how to drive so quickly. It because their husband teach them every day. I am so lucky that I found this people who are concern about me. Well speaking of friends I had one friends asked me a favored to search for income protection insurance. I am not really expert on searching about Real life insurance and accident insurance . But I will try my best to help my friend. Since I am setting in front of my desk doing nothing right now.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fine Art Galleries

This afternoon while I am cleaning I saw hubby Fine Art Galleries in our closet. Hubby is very good in art I wonder if one of our kids can get his talent you know. Two days after I meet my husband we went to the shopping mall and one person asked if we want to buy one of their paintings and my boyfriends Tim, which is now my husband said no thank you. Because he knows how to paint all the art galleries that they have one that store. I can see that Jasmine and her sister love to color. Hubby bought a lot of coloring book. I don’t know if this is the signal of the talent of our kids. I am not so sure since they are so young. My friend always said that the kids can get talent from their father so we will see. What their talent going to be. I don’t have talent so I hope our kid’s brain just like their father. I am not so proud of myself. Because every time I try it seems to me that whatever I need to learn it so difficult you know. But I am just happy because I had so many friends that can cheer up for me.

Friday, July 9, 2010


I wish the all the department store has this crowd control so that people can stay in the lines. When time to pay their grocery etc. I know most bank has this stanchions or velvet rope. Having this thing on the airport or at the bank make easier to asset people who came first you know. We also know that barricades is very useful for traffic control, security and privacy. And I am very thankful to people who made this idea.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Son's First Exposure to the Internet

My child’s internet education actually began with Webkinz. He was given one for his 7th birthday, and was anxious to get it registered and check out the website. So, the first site he ever visited was the one for the adorable stuffed animals.
The first thing we agreed on, for his safety, was that the computer would be situated in a community room, where we can easily see what website he is on. The computer is not in his room. We have hughes satellite internet PA, so the computers can be in any room; but we wanted his computer to be where we could see at a glance what he’s doing. When I’m cooking dinner, or we’re sitting down watching TV in the evenings, we can see exactly what’s going on.
We took the usual safety precautions as far as parental controls go. We also talked to him about not visiting other websites himself; but to talk to us when he wanted to visit a new site. We’ve also continued to talk to him about staying safe onhughs internet, and not giving out any personal information to anyone. While we trust him to do the right thing, the real peace of mind comes from being able to easily and quickly see what website he is on and what he is doing.

Guest post written by Taylor Lions

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Mesothelioma Cancer

Good morning everyone how was your holiday weekend? Well mine was okay we did not go anywhere hubby make a lot of progress of our house. We went to bed early last night so I woke up early this morning. Since hubby exercising and the kids still slipping I am just reading an article about one person who Surviving Mesothelioma. The early symptoms of Mesothelioma are generally non-specific, and may lead to a delay in diagnosis. But anyhow for those people who are diagnosed with Mesothelioma Cancer please consider to visit And I hope this site can help you find the cure.
Thanks and god bliss.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Connecticut auto insurance

Today is a holiday here in they United States. It means most must folks are at home having fun with their family and friends or they are just relaxing. Right now hubby is watching TV and Jasmine and her siters are playing in their room and here I am searching for Connecticut auto insurance and Connecticut annuities for my best friend. Will I am searching for this because my best friend internet is not working something’s wrong with their cable internet. Well anyhow back to Connecticut home insurance. The reasons why my friends asked me to search with this it’s because the compensation they are planning to purchase from this Paradiso Insurance Agency. You know what I mean.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Custom Labels

This morning my husband told me that I should take our kids to the park. Because the weather it very good you know. Perhaps I told hubby that I had so many things to do today. So maybe if I can finish cleaning the house work maybe I can take our kids to the park. But before I start to clean up I will search first for a Custom Labels for my friend online. I think you guys you are familiar with this words right. Custom Label is for industrial purposes, military specification and commercial applications.
Well anyhow I should start cleaning now so that I can finish quick.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

accutane lawsuit

I just finish chatting with my brother we had long conversation you know. He told me about his first day at his school. He said that his teachers are good and the school is clean. My brother is a first year college right now and he looks like he is very interested on his course. I hope he become successful on his course. I try my best to support my brother so that he can finish his college. He said this afternoon on his class there are some student offering him a part time job. Perhaps his schedule is not much on that job you know. I hope somebody will offer another job for my brother so that I don’t need to worry every month. Now I realize that college is the most expensive part. After talking to my brother I search for online job. Since there is none available for me I just surf around until I found an interesting website called accutane lawsuit. I never heard this words before that’s why I read the article you know. But if you guys want to know what accutane is you should visit Well anyhow its about 10:22 my time so I guess thats is all for now until next time.


Monday, June 28, 2010

term life insurance quote

Well it’s about 10:25 in the evening we just finish watching movie and now I am chatting with my friends from the Philippines. At the same time I am watching and reading the policy of term life insurance quote and aussie accident cover since I my husband and I are planning to buy a new family car. While reading of this website I found that they this also offer a good funeral plans . Therefore if your are looking for the best insurance company. Please click the link you saw on this post.
Thanks and have a good night.

hunter boots

Yesterday while chatting with my friends online. I had found a good website that has very good price with hunter boots you know. Since the price is very accessible to my budget I was thinking of buying one for myself. Hunter willies is one of my favorite boots you know so I guess this is my chance to have one. But anyhow if you guys wants to buy hunter wellington boots. You should consider of visiting for more info.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

best hosting awards

Well guys how are you doing today? Well if you ask me I am a little bit sad. Because its look like I need to spend a lot of money before I can learn how to drive. I had been practicing now for five hours and I still don’t know how to drive. My friend Rita told me that I should buy a used car so that my husband can teach me how to drive every day. However I told my friend Rita that we don’t have enough money to buy a used car you know. Perhaps I told her that I wish that I can earn more money online. Well speaking of online earnings I actually earn enough money on blogging. I am sure you’re familiar of this words right. Since my blog domain name is almost expiring I asked my friend Rosa if she know about this best hosting awards that has a very low price you know. I also asked her if she want to renew her if she wants my other blog. Perhaps she just said to me that no I have enough sites and she cannot afford to update. She even mentions that she want to sale her other site that has pr3 before but since nobody wants to buy she just try to update every weekend also.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

BK Does It My Way

The Burger King commercials starring the King himself are the most hilarious commercials I have ever seen! I have seen several different commercials, the most recent was on a channel that I got by finding cable deals Illinois , but I can't remember the name of it. The best commercial is still the very first one I saw.
In these commercials the King goes into the bedrooms of very much sleeping individuals, and very loudly blows an air horn. These people are, of course, startled awake by this horrific noise, and before they even able to open their eyes all the way they see the very creepy, scary looking king standing in their bedroom.
In the very first commercial of this type put out by Burger King, the guy who was awoken to the King looks as if he saw a ghost, while the King and his friend hold their stomachs from the laughter.
While I would probably be ready to choke my friend if they were to do this to me, these make for the most hysterical, roll on the floor laughing commercials you will ever see in your life! Burger King rules as Commercial King after these hysterical commercials!
Post from guest blogger Hugh Deeb.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Eyes Are On Group C!

My favorite part about watching the 2010 World Cup is feeling all of the anticipation finally released. Even sitting at home and watching the action on direct tv promotions, I can feel the intense build up of emotions from the teams, coaches, and the fans. Living in the United States, my eyes are naturally focused on Group C which also includes England, Algeria, and Slovenia.
Just because I am a U.S. resident doesn't necessarily mean I am cheering on the US team. Politics and patriotism aside, I am really interested in seeing the English team because I am have been fascinated by the English Premier League for years. The weakn soccer heritage here in the USA has given me little faith in my own national team.
However, after watching the first match between England and USA, I might change my mind. Honestly, I was stunned that the final score ended in a 1-1 draw. Steven Gerrard, one of my favorite players, gave his team an early lead and I thought that the English squad would have no problem winning this game. Later on, I was surprised and disappointed when England's GK Robert Green lost his grip on an easy ball, which ended up in the back of the net. However, the match was only tied and there was plenty of time for more goals. At the end of the match, I was disappointed in England and impressed by the United States. I feel that English striker Rooney was not effective to his best abilities. Now, I think that the US team has a real shot of advancing through this group.
This guest post was written by Gregory Nevel.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking Out for Each Other

Not long ago we all knew our neighbors. We were all borrowing
tools from each other, lending a cup of sugar, and watching our kids play together. In a lot of places things haven't changed. But for most of us, we find ourselves isolated even though we're surrounded by other homes full of people just like us. We might not feel as safe as we did in "the old days." Some of us have installed a home alarm system from Others installed extra locks to feel safe. Some have a loud, barking dog.
Someone though, came up with the "Neighborhood Watch." This brilliant idea brought folks together again for a common purpose: to feel safer. But is your neighborhood watch effective? If it is, then you feel more secure knowing that you and your next door neighbor are keeping an eye out for each other. If your neighborhood watch is not all it can be, then take steps to improve it. The first and best way is to establish events regularly so that everyone can continue to become better acquainted. Secondly, contact a policeman who lives nearby and ask that he or she make extra drives through the neighborhood. Brainstorm with your core group for other ideas. But mostly, YOU can begin today to make it better, by being actively involved ... by knowing your neighbors.
Thanks to guest blogger Heidi Tutt for the post.

Monday, June 21, 2010

accident and illness insurance

Well fathers how was your day yesterday did you guys in enjoy? Well I hope so my husband treat as to a nice restaurant where his kids enjoyed playing you know. In the way home my friend from Canada called me and talk about his father in law accident and illness insurance . My friend is wonder if her father in-law still paying on this company. Since I don’t like to talk while my husband is driving I told to my friend that I call her back as soon that we came home. Well speaking of insurance are you guys are looking for the cheap funeral insurance and affordable life insurance Well good news because my friend in Canada received a compensation of a good rates of their insurance company.

Monday, June 14, 2010

A steady diet of celebrity gossip

To say that I love to read celebrity gossip would be a gross understatement. I think I live on it.
Whether it’s from Perez Hilton, Oh No They Didn’t or Entertainment Weekly, I stay up to speed on the latest divorces, DUIs and rehab visits of my favorite stars with Clearwire. I realize that I should probably care a little more about world affairs than Madonna adopting an underprivileged orphan from a foreign country but consuming all this gossip is my ultimate guilty pleasure.
I also make sure to watch all the celebrity-themed TV shows and news shows, including reality shows starring famous families like theKardashians. Sometimes I even tell my friends about milestones I’ve recently heard about in celebrity families like how I would talk about them like they were happening in my own or actual friends’ lives.
When I moved recently I looked into a lot of Cable and Internet Providers so I could keep up this steady diet and found the right provider through me so I can keep up with all the ridiculously juicy celebrity drama.
Guest post written by Carly Williams

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seinfeld Reruns

I am so glad that they have decided to continue airing my favorite show on direct tv, which is Seinfeld. Ever since I was a young teenager back in the very early 90's, every week I have tried to catch the show. Thankfully, I can now record every episode that has been placed into syndication throughout the entire country. This show is just great. I absolutely love Kramer! he reminds me of my uncle that just comes in like he owns the place without knocking first. Elaine is a very pretty woman that my father has taken quite a liking to also. I can't place the ethnicity, but whatever she is, I like.
There were only a little over 100 episodes ever made, but I can not eliminate the need to watch this show over and over again. I like how the fact that the characters' selfishness gets them into all sorts of problems with other New york citizens. Seinfeld has even been known as a curse show for actors to have worked on, due to the fact that the characters are hard to forget. This made it very hard to be able to get roles in other shows, because so many people identified them as these beloved characters. There will never be another show quite like this one to come along for a long time.

Thanks to my friend Jim Roland for the guest post.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Dell Inspiron Mini 10

After browsing through many different laptops, I finally came to the conclusion that it was not a laptop I was actually looking for, but rather a netbook! It was quickly apparent to me that Dell was going to be the best choice because their netbooks not only had the best appearance and specifications but, the best prices as well.
I decided to buy the Inspiron Mini 10 and I am very pleased with it! The Mini 10 is the perfect size, sporting a 10.1" scree, a 98% full-sized keyboard and compact profile making it much more portable than a laptop. One of my favorite things about the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is how portable it is, it weighs practically nothing. The Mini 10 has all of the major features I needed including WiFi capability, a built-in webcam and an SD card reader; perfect for viewing photos on vacation!
Navigating the Dell website to make the purchase was particularly easy! The store is set up very well and it was very easy to access using my hughes netsatellite internet. I was able to complete customize the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 however I wanted and select the best shipping options to accommodate me! I was pleased will Dell's decision to offer both Ubuntu Linux and Windows XP on the Dell Inspiron Mini 10 and I chose the Ubuntu Linux flavor. I am overly satisfied with this product as a whole and can say the same for most Dell products that I have purchased.

Sent in by Christopher Austin

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Close To Home

Summer time is almost upon us again. And it is time for planning a summer vacation. Many people are on a much tighter budget these days and look for a way to vacation closer to home or even have a staycation. And that is certainly what I am thinking about this year. Many friends and work associates often talk about wanting to visit exotic or faraway places and bask in the beauty of the country. Well, this year they are focusing more on staying right here at home like me. This year we have planned to vacation close to home.
Maybe we will head to the beach for a few days or maybe a week. There's plenty of activities to enjoy. Playing games at the Casino, walking the boardwalk, and of course basking in the sun on the sandy beaches. And it's easy to take one of the many day cruises, go wind surfing, or even deep sea fishing. On rainy days we can take advantage of the big screen tv and get direct tv movie channels . The kids certainly enjoy building sand castles on the beach and riding their bikes on the boardwalk. This is starting to sound like a great family friendly vacation close to home. I guess I'll have to settle for visiting exotic faraway lands by watching the travel channel on my satellite TV.

Jackie Stainer contributed this guest post.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Benefits of Safe Internet Use With Children

While I read many, many warnings and horror stories about children's use of the internet, I rarely read about positive experiences with children and the internet. With proper guidance and supervision, children can not only learn the fundamentals, but also how to use a computer, which is a necessary skill for everyone in today's world.
I love to sit with my daughter and play interactive learning games on the internet. Our hughesnet satellite internet gives us fast-loading pages, which is wonderful for impatient children. We tend to stick to the free websites, but many websites offer low-cost memberships to access a variety of games and activities.
Have you ever researched topics online with your children? We often see unique birds or bugs outside, and take note of their features so we can learn about them online later. We have a few websites bookmarked that have great, simple information and colorful pictures. When family was visiting from North Carolina, we looked up a map online to see how far away they were and what states they would be crossing as they drive our way.
The internet is a virtual library for children. In an instant, you can help them find information that in the past could only be found in library books. With proper supervision and safety, the learning potential is endless!

This was guest posted by Jenni Eiffel

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

snap shot

My older daughter took this picture two weeks ago. Since Jasmine love to take pictures I just wonder if you can consider that as a talent you know. Since everybody can take a snap shot if they want too you know what I mean. But I am sure we will figure it out soon enough.

E! Entertainment

So, there’s a show called “The Soup,” maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s one of the funniest, most absurd shows out there, and it only runs on E!, which I made sure the package I picked from the satellite tv programming packages in my area offered this channel. The Soup is hosted by Joel McHale who is one of the more hilarious, self-depreciating comedians on the market today. He shows clips of other shows, from reality TV to talk shows, and lambasts the hosts and actors for anything he thinks is funny. It’s not only a great way for me to get some side-splitting laughter in, but a wonderful countdown of all the funniest moments on TV from the week that I may have missed otherwise!

Posted by Avery Myers

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I want One Tree Hill back next year!

I have watched the show One Tree Hill since the first season it came out on television. I always really enjoy this show. Monday night I sat down in my chair and turned on the satellite TV to watch it.
The show has not been the same since Lucas and Peyton left. I do still enjoy it though. Haley is one of my favorite characters in the show. She is played by Bethany Joy Galeotti. Her mother died a few weeks ago and this episode showed her trying to deal with her passing. She is not taking it well and ends up yelling at her son, Jamie, which she never does. She totally blows off her music video shoot and at the end of the episode accidentally sets the piano on fire. Her husband, Nathan, finds her and is able to put it out. I am curious to see where they go with this story line. I really like her and don't want them making her crazy. We will just have to see how this one plays out.
Another couple I really like are Brooke, played by Sophia Bush, and Julian. This couple is finally starting to get their act together. He makes her happier than you have ever seen her before. She has learned to trust him and in this episode you see that even more. They are not fighting at all now and just seem happy to be together. There are only a few episodes left this season and so far they haven't said if it will be back next year. I hope they decide to renew One Tree Hill. I will also make sure to compare directv packages so that maybe I can get a DVR to record this show or even get this show in HD.

Shared by Sam Sanders

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shiekh shoes coupon

It’s about 1:45 in the afternoon my kids are taking a nap so it’s kind of quite here now. I would love to work in our front yard. However the weather it’s not so good outside today. Right now I am washing our dirty cloth and cleaning the house as usual. And while is so quite here I had so many thing pop up in my mind you know. Well let say that I had so many plan for my family back to our country even though I had already own family here. As you know I just send money to my brother last week. Because he text me that he well go to college. Last night my sister text me again and said the money that I send to my brother is not enough. Therefore I just realize how expensive if you go to college nowadays. Since I had to buy shoes and other school supply for my brother and to my younger sister I go ahead and search online. And lucky enough I came up to this shiekh shoes coupon where all kinds of stuff that you can buy. Yeah if you really need to save some cash you just need to search online etc.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mangler Reborn was BRUTAL!

In search of a movie that would stimulate the senses, I took the advice of a friend and watched "The Mangler Reborn." I have always been a fan of horror movies, and with the directtv channel Chiller, I have access to tons of them to watch. This movie looked kind of low budget, but the storyline kept it more than watchable for me.
In the beginning, you are shown images of events where this pressing machine was responsible for numerous death at factories. The story suddenly jumps to a woman who calls for a repairman to fix her washing machine for her. Little does she know, that this repairman is much more than that. He is a collector, and has reassembled this horrific murder machine for his non-suspecting victims. After brutally knocking the woman over the head with a hammer, he struggles to get her back to his house, where she will be faced with certain death that she could never expect the likes of. A sub plot in the movie, brings you to a father-son duo of robbers, that case the repairman's house for their next target. Once they get inside the house, they find that it has been rigged to trap anyone that enters. All of the windows have been removed, and each person fights for dear life as they try to figure out why there are all there.
This movie was pretty haunting at points, and was a great way to spend the evening alone in the dark. I highly suggest this to anyone that loves a good, twisted horror flick.

Guest post written by Jimmy Walker

Nothing to do

My 4year old daughter take this pictures.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I was working in our yard this morning since my kids is playing. As you know I am only the one working in our yard most of our neighbors higher somebody. This morning there are five people working in one of our neighbor front yard? I wonder what kind of design they are going to make you know. But I will know soon enough because I can see every time I go out. But since it was already hot outside I decide to get inside and put my kids into their nap time. Right now my kids is in their bed so as usual her I am again playing on the internet surfing what new online you know. But anyhow I just wonder about this big engine machine that most construction worker use. Right now I am currently looking at this dynamometer equipment. And wonder why people invent this kind of stuff you know. I am happy and also jealous to those people who have incredible idea. When it comes to make some powerful technology you know. I just wonder where those idea come from and how strong to build those powerful machine. But I know there are so many genius people that can make and build on what’s in their mind.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

wholesale jewelry

I just notice on my facebook that most of my friends are wearing fashion jewelry. And one of them are trying to sale me a wholesale jewelry you know. Perhaps I said I need to save some cash right now. So maybe next month or too I can have some extra money for these kinds of stuff you know what I mean. Don’t let me wrong I really like fashion jewelry just like in many woman everywhere in the worlds. But perhaps this is not my priority right now. Well speaking of fashion jewelry I just got an idea since we are planning to visit Philippines in the next few months. I just wonder if I will buy plenty of fashion jewelry in the Philippines and sale it to my friends here in the United States for a cheap price. What do you think of my idea I know there are many people sale fashion stuff. But hey it’s always worth if I try my idea what do you think I am sure I can get different style. But that only my plan not so sure you now plus I don’t know how to drive yet. Maybe I will learn to drive first and then think about business.

rubber stamps

Month of March I send a package to my family in the Philippines. Since it was my first time to send a package I keep calling to my sister if they got already my package to them you know. Because sometimes my sisters and brothers had no money to buy load, therefore they cannot call me and said hey big sis I got already your package you know. I also keep trucking my package online since they give me a website where I can truck my package. Speaking of package I just thought about sending another package to my cousin since she always ask about when we are going to visit her you know. Perhaps since we don’t have plan yet when I will send her a small package, I am sure she will be happy and I will try to use this rubber stamps . To make it sure she will get it. Anyhow one of my friends in Minnesota buzzes me on my yahoo messenger this morning. She asks me a favor if I can send money to her family. Since we are close even we meet only one time at the embassy in manila Philippines I said to her okay. Plus we always talk on the phone or in yahoo messenger.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our First Family Vacation

Our family has grown from a family of seven to a family of fourteen within a few years. Three of us got married and had kids and moved away from home, so having a family get together wasn't as easy as it used to be. Last year we decided to go on our first family vacation. We rented a beach house big enough for all of us and met each other there. Before we left we all had our list of things to do. We packed up our bags, got the groceries we needed, and set our wireless security systems.
We all came from different states, and met at our destination. We chose to go to the beach in New Jersey, since it was middle point for most of us. When we got there we all claimed our rooms and unpacked the food. Every day we had a special event planned, whether we just swam at the beach or enjoyed the water skis. The grandparents watched the young children and all of the older kids went jet skiing one day. Everyone had their share of fun and responsibility. This was actually the first time my husband and I could go out a night alone, since we had babysitters in the same house. The married couples took turns each night to go out and have some fun without the kids, while during the day it was kid time.
This vacation was so much fun, we planned to do it again next year. It will be our annual family reunion filled with a week of fun activities for all of us to enjoy and relax.

This is a guest post by my buddy Wilbur Sams

Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Vacation Worries

We all have hectic lives, especially those of us that are parents. I have a home alarm system in my home. On one of our trips, I was loading up the car, buckled my children in and then had to run back to the car because my son had to go to the bathroom for the twentieth time. We were heading on a three day vacation to Virginia. We were already hours behind and my husband was rushing me to get going so that we could leave. I accidentally shut the door and forgot to activate my wireless home security system. I felt stupid because it should not have happened at all. I had checked the stove, locked the doors, and made sure the mail was stopped, but I had forgotten to set the alarm and keep my home secured.
Being a parent, it is hard to leave your home and go on a trip because you are always afraid that someone will break into your home and steal your personal items. Some of my family’s most precious heirlooms are in my home. I felt less secure without the security system set even though I had locked all of the locks in my home and had deadbolts on all of my doors also. In my opinion, you can never secure your home too much. The family heirlooms in my home if they had been stolen it would be impossible to replace them. What make the items so valuable are the memories that are behind them. You can never replace those even if the item is replaced somehow.
Wireless home security systems are a great addition to any home. As a parent, your home is your base and provides comfort to you and your family members. If a burglary happens then you and your children will feel unsafe for a long period of time. It is hard for me to sleep at night unless I activate my wireless home security system.

Guest post authored by Tom Dundom

Thursday, May 6, 2010

peak district accommodation

It seems to me it’s already summer because the weather start getting to hot. As you know we already went to Virginia Beach last Friday. While we are there at the beach my husband and I talk about our next trip for the summer vacation. Since we know Jasmine know already how to beehive herself. Right now I am reading on this site called peak district accommodation. Where you guys can also choice and peak your favorite place for these summer. I know there are many folks out there searching for cheap ticket where they can have a nice holiday vacation. Therefore if you are one of those people who are searching right now you should consider this site to visit

Thanks and have a great holiday vacation.


Since the weather start getting cold I did not walk to the library. Yesterday one of Jasmine classmate mom picks us to the park. We also pass the library and I wonder there are many bulldozer and construction people at the library. So I ask miss Jen and she said well it because they want to build bigger library you know. As you know that library is already big and it was look new to me. Maybe they want nicer library. But anyhow Miss Jen told me yesterday that I should go too Jasmine school tomorrow because tomorrow they well celebrate the mother’s day at the school. Perhaps I said to her I am not sure if I can do that because we don’t have babysitters you know. She said well I hope I can find one for you. She is very nice person she well find the way so that I can go to Jasmine school tomorrow. I hope my husband is not so busy so that he can watch the kids while I am out for a couple hours.

Friday, April 30, 2010


wow its Friday already I could not believe how days file so fast you know. Another end of the month which is about paying mortgages and other bills. Oh ! well it is what it is. I know there are many folks out there searching for the cheapest mortgages company that has very low interest. And we are one of those folks who are searching right now. As you know my friend told me that his business is not good this time and he is planning to move to a place where he think he well become a successful businessman someday. Oh boy every people has different idea in life and different problem. Here in the United States the most common problem is these car insurance, health insurance and other more kinds of insurance.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Good morning everyone how are you today? Well if you ask me I am not really good because I have runny nose and it has been a week now since had symptoms. I had been taking medicine perhaps still the same. Now I keep sneezing like crazy you know and my eye is watery. I don’t know if I take the right medicine because it seems to that these medicine that I am taking right now is no effect for my runny nose and my cough. Oh well I think it’s time for me to make a doctor appointment. Another problem I had is my eyes. I guess this is the result if you spent too much time on the computer. I just don’t know because since I become an addicted to the computer my eyes start hurting and some time I feel dry and it’s very difficult to see the number. I guess this is the right time for me to buy eye glasses since I spent too much time on the internet. Searching chatting with friends doing blogging etc, plus I will start driving soon. But anyhow I wish i Well pass my driving test when I will take a exam in the next few month from now.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sports bet

When I spoke to one of my friends in Canada yesterday, he was telling me that he is now very tired of his job. He is actually a teacher in Canada he also a coach for football game. He said there are many young students’ loves to play football and he really like to teach them you know. I sometimes delousing to people who has talent in sports game you know. Perhaps I admire them so much too. Like Tiger Woods who is very good in playing golf. And Manny Pacquiao who is very good in boxing and other more players around the worlds. Well anyhow speaking of sports I was just reading on this sports bet all day today and it was very help full to learn about sports you know. I actually plan to send Jasmine in to gymnastic next year I hope I can start driving so that Jasmine can easily go. As you know the other night I did not know what time, my husband goes to bed. He likes to watch basketball. However, he doesn’t know how to play basketball. He said that he knows a little bet the role but he don’t know how to play. Anyhow, that is all for now I need to cook our dinner.
So peace!

GPS device

My sister Aileen text me this morning to let me know that she well visit our father and she well stay there for a few month. And since our DVD player is broken I ask my sister if she can buy one before she go home. I am sure my brothers and my other sisters well appreciate my sister if she could also buy televisions you know. But I am sure my father well be happy to see my sister Aileen even she don’t any present to my father and to my others sisters.
Anyhow, we are planning to go to Virginia Beach next month and since my husband don’t really know how to get there. I go ahead and check I am sure some of you are familiar of this site right. has a better price GPS that most people use nowadays. Since that I found a good speaker and receiver for my husband car. I called my husband if it okay for him to order one since the price is very good. Therefore, if you want to shop online you should consider shopping at I am sure you can find everything you need on this site.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


It’s about 11:12 in the morning I just put my kids in their nap time. And here I am trying to play game online. I actually found a casino where you guys can also play while you are at home watching your kids. One things on this site is there are many game suited for every bodies you know. this site called onlinecasinosplanet. Where you can play poker game blackjack and other casino jackpots. Therefore, if you guys are interested on playing casino online you should visit I am sure you well have some good time on this site.

Oregano Oil

It has been a week now that I have this runny nose, sneezing coughing you know. Well I guess it is normal to have allergy on these weather you know. When I spoke with my friend yesterday, she was telling me also that her nose bleeds every time she sneezes. I just said to my friend oh! Well we have same problem. As you know when I was a kid if I had coughed my mom, well just boil oregano leaves. Because we cannot afford to buy medicine and since I don’t take medicine I try to search for herbal medicine that I can use for my sore throat. The first one that I found is this Oregano Oil that has good compensation of herb medicine. That my grand parent use every time we get sick when we are kids. I also found this
Bio D-Mulsion supplement this is all natural vitamins. I know I should take care of my body because I have kids to look for.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Good evening, everyone how was your day today. Well if you ask me mine was excellent, you know kids are good they did not give me hard time. As you know this afternoon while, I think about my package that I sent to my father I sat down in front of my desk and track my package. In addition, when I finish trucking my package I go ahead to shop online. I was lucky this afternoon because I came across to a website that has good seller packages you know. Well anyhow if you guys wants to shop online you should consider this site I am sure you will enjoy browsing and find stuff that you been searching for before. Because the sellers decide where to place their auctions and helps buyers easily locate what they are looking for you know.


Good evening, everyone how was your day today. Well if you ask me mine was excellent, you know kids are good they did not give me hard time. As you know this afternoon while, I think about my package that I sent to my father I sat down in front of my desk and track my package. In addition, when I finish trucking my package I go ahead to shop online. I was lucky this afternoon because I came across to a website that has well seller packages you know. Well anyhow if you guys wants to shop online you should consider this site I am sure you will enjoy browsing and find stuff that you been searching before.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


My mom died of breast cancer on November 2003. It was very difficult for us because most of my sister and brother are still small. Two years after my aunt died also in cancer what a scary inheritance to our siblings. I know its very difficult to cure this kind of disease. Last year also my mother in-law half sister died on breast cancer. We all know cancer has no cure really but there are medicine or herbal that can help you strong and fight with this disease you know. I just read an article about mesothelioma and Mesothelioma Cancer this morning and I said to myself sometimes people are lucky you know.  But anyhow if you are diagnosed on mesothelioma please consider to visit
I am sure you can get more info on how to fight this kind of disease on your body.

Thanks and god bliss us!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When I woke up this morning, I was thinking to clean up our front yard. Therefore, I went outside and feel the weather it was not comfortable so I went inside. I said to myself maybe latter this afternoon when the sun high enough in the sky I will try to full out all the weeds in our front yard. I know some women don’t like to work in their yard them always higher somebody. The reason why it is not for a woman job you know. Perhaps I grow up in the mountain and I love planting new flowers or vegetable. As I can see here in our area most of our neighbor higher landscaping people. I understand that they are busy on their job, and of course, they want professional landscaping people. To Keeps their yard nice in the summer time so that when their friends and relatives visit them they can enjoy looking there beautiful flower and other planting in their yard?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing piano chords

Since Jasmine Spanish class well end up soon and we figure that Jasmine can learn Spanish on Dora show on TV. Where thinking that it’s better for as to send Jasmine to a piano lesson, so that she can Play piano chords better. I think I told you already before that Jasmine learn piano chords . Perhaps she need more tips and encourages her to play piano every day. I believe Playing piano chords every is very effectively you may not know someday you’ll become a successful piano list artist. Well right now I can till that, Jasmine is very aggressive on playing piano. I know there are many parent out there searching for a piano chords for their kids and for their loves one who like to play piano instrument. If you are one of those people who are searching for a tips how to play piano chords.
Please visit

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

buy gold

Sometimes I feel sad to my cousin because they will only buzz if they need something from me. This morning my cousin tried to chat with me because he wants to loan money to buy gold for their wedding. Since I told him that I don’t have money to loan with him he did not replay anymore what a sad morning for me oh well. Well anyhow speaking of gold I am planning to buy gold coins and gold bullion because the price are still very good. I am sure when the market completely recover all this precious gold the price well get higher. So if you guys want buy gold you should go ahead and buy now before the price well get higher. I know gold just like an investment. As you know every time I get one-dollar gold coins, I always put in to my piglet bank.

internet marketing

I am very proud to my friend because she finally graduate on internet marketing degree this march. She already told me that she well be able to manage of their small business in Makati Philippines. Perhaps her sister encourage her to work in New York . However, her brother is struggling to find an online University. AS you know since I spent, too much time on my desk every day so I think is a good idea to study about internet. According to my friend in New York  , there are many internet marketing program base on her search online. I know New York is one of the best successful on businesses.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Index Tabs

I am happy for my sister Aileen because she finally found her soul mate. This morning I wait for my sister to get online. Because last night around 9:00 pm my time I got a text message from my cousin number but it was my sister Aileen she just let me know that she well go to Tacloban city and if she had time she well go to internet café to chat with me. Because she has, many question to ask about her documents. I guess her boyfriends file a fiancé visa that my guess. I am just lucky before because Tim got this Index Tabs for me. I think it is very important to use index tabs because you can find it very easy you know. I just remember when I was at the embassy one-woman said wow your documents is very organizing. I said to her yeah! My husband is very good with that, he always use Index tabs so that it easy to finds save and you can time and she said yeah! That is right. She said I hope all people do that too. Organizing their papers before they handle it to me so that it easy to look and find what exactly I need.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

tennessee bankruptcy records

It has been a while that we did not visit my parent in-law. It because one is our children is so small to travel second ticket are expensive. We figure that they well understand why we did not visit them yet. However, a soon Nadira turns two we probable visit tennesse you know. Right now kids are too small to travel its better for asks to wait in a few month or years. Since Jasmine always talks about her grandma, I decide to call my parent in law this morning. Perhaps no bodies answering the phone maybe my parent in law is in her office already. Since I don’t know the office number I called my husband and ask his mom office number. My husband was curious because I don’t usually call her mom so often but yeah! He give his mom office number and said say hi to my mom to me. Anyhow, the last time visit Tennessee one of the neighbor of my parent in law came to my mother in law house to say hi to me, since I did not talk to him he talk to my husband. They talk about their past life and the tennessee bankruptcy records. since I don’t know what the talk about I went my parent room and when I came back my husband lift so I called my husband cell phone and ask where are you my husband said I am at my boy house.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Overnight Prints Coupon

Wow the weather here today is very good I am planning to take my kids outside so that they can play for a while. But before we go outside, I will clean up the house a little bit so that when we get inside letter the house is clean. I hope I can finish this quick before the sun come down. Oh, boy I have so many laundries all over the house I could not think which one I should start to clean up. Maybe I will do the laundry first and then the bathroom yeah that is right. What a busy day I almost forgot that I need to search for Overnight Prints Coupon for my aunt oh will maybe I should search it now before I forgot completely. As you know since I arrived here in the United States, I learn so many things like when you shop. You should use some coupons so that you can save some money. I think most folks here in America use coupon every time they shop because they know that they can save some penny in their pocket right folks. Well anyhow, I should start searching for coupon now so that I can start cleaning and take my kids out side before the sun come down.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

fell down

It has been a while that I did not update this site. It because I am so busy and also Jasmine had fever and I need to watch her closely you know. Because she wants to play with her sister, even she has fever. Since that, I am afraid that she affected her other sisters I rather play with her for a few hours. Now that she is okay, and she went back to her school. I had more time to update my site.

Well do you know this afternoon my friend Rita called and start sharing of what happen to her at her friend’s party last night? While her other friends introducing to the other people who are at the party. Rita tried to set down perhaps she did not notice that the chair is broken. When she sat down Rita’s fell down and people try to help her at the same time they are laughing on her. She said that was very embarrassing you know she could not believe that somebody will put a broken chair on that party.

Therefore she went ahead to say good-bye to her friends because she could not stay on that party people are watching on her. Well I guess it well happen sometimes that kind of accident in our life you know.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

pressure washers

Last year my husband decides to remove the paint of our house. Since that is so expensive to higher somebody, my husband does it by himself. I was very impress to my husband because even he is so tried from his office he will still work at home. But I guess it was okay for him because the pressure washers that he use is very powerful. Most of our neighbors ask about how this nilfisk pressure washers works, if this is light and more question I guess it is normal because they said that this is their first time to watch somebody use this nilfisk electric pressure washers. But anyhow, my husband stop working outside of our house because of the cold weather I guess he will star again soon.

Monday, February 15, 2010

pressure cooker

It has been while that I did not wrote anything on this site it because I been busy lately. Yesterday was Valentine’s Day my family went to a birthday party we are having good time with friends. We also went to Wal-Mart to look for pressure cooker however, we don’t find any so we went to target but still not there so we went home and open the present. My husband and I decide to order a pressure cooker online.