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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


When I woke up this morning, I was thinking to clean up our front yard. Therefore, I went outside and feel the weather it was not comfortable so I went inside. I said to myself maybe latter this afternoon when the sun high enough in the sky I will try to full out all the weeds in our front yard. I know some women don’t like to work in their yard them always higher somebody. The reason why it is not for a woman job you know. Perhaps I grow up in the mountain and I love planting new flowers or vegetable. As I can see here in our area most of our neighbor higher landscaping people. I understand that they are busy on their job, and of course, they want professional landscaping people. To Keeps their yard nice in the summer time so that when their friends and relatives visit them they can enjoy looking there beautiful flower and other planting in their yard?

Monday, March 22, 2010

Playing piano chords

Since Jasmine Spanish class well end up soon and we figure that Jasmine can learn Spanish on Dora show on TV. Where thinking that it’s better for as to send Jasmine to a piano lesson, so that she can Play piano chords better. I think I told you already before that Jasmine learn piano chords . Perhaps she need more tips and encourages her to play piano every day. I believe Playing piano chords every is very effectively you may not know someday you’ll become a successful piano list artist. Well right now I can till that, Jasmine is very aggressive on playing piano. I know there are many parent out there searching for a piano chords for their kids and for their loves one who like to play piano instrument. If you are one of those people who are searching for a tips how to play piano chords.
Please visit

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

buy gold

Sometimes I feel sad to my cousin because they will only buzz if they need something from me. This morning my cousin tried to chat with me because he wants to loan money to buy gold for their wedding. Since I told him that I don’t have money to loan with him he did not replay anymore what a sad morning for me oh well. Well anyhow speaking of gold I am planning to buy gold coins and gold bullion because the price are still very good. I am sure when the market completely recover all this precious gold the price well get higher. So if you guys want buy gold you should go ahead and buy now before the price well get higher. I know gold just like an investment. As you know every time I get one-dollar gold coins, I always put in to my piglet bank.

internet marketing

I am very proud to my friend because she finally graduate on internet marketing degree this march. She already told me that she well be able to manage of their small business in Makati Philippines. Perhaps her sister encourage her to work in New York . However, her brother is struggling to find an online University. AS you know since I spent, too much time on my desk every day so I think is a good idea to study about internet. According to my friend in New York  , there are many internet marketing program base on her search online. I know New York is one of the best successful on businesses.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Index Tabs

I am happy for my sister Aileen because she finally found her soul mate. This morning I wait for my sister to get online. Because last night around 9:00 pm my time I got a text message from my cousin number but it was my sister Aileen she just let me know that she well go to Tacloban city and if she had time she well go to internet café to chat with me. Because she has, many question to ask about her documents. I guess her boyfriends file a fiancé visa that my guess. I am just lucky before because Tim got this Index Tabs for me. I think it is very important to use index tabs because you can find it very easy you know. I just remember when I was at the embassy one-woman said wow your documents is very organizing. I said to her yeah! My husband is very good with that, he always use Index tabs so that it easy to finds save and you can time and she said yeah! That is right. She said I hope all people do that too. Organizing their papers before they handle it to me so that it easy to look and find what exactly I need.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

tennessee bankruptcy records

It has been a while that we did not visit my parent in-law. It because one is our children is so small to travel second ticket are expensive. We figure that they well understand why we did not visit them yet. However, a soon Nadira turns two we probable visit tennesse you know. Right now kids are too small to travel its better for asks to wait in a few month or years. Since Jasmine always talks about her grandma, I decide to call my parent in law this morning. Perhaps no bodies answering the phone maybe my parent in law is in her office already. Since I don’t know the office number I called my husband and ask his mom office number. My husband was curious because I don’t usually call her mom so often but yeah! He give his mom office number and said say hi to my mom to me. Anyhow, the last time visit Tennessee one of the neighbor of my parent in law came to my mother in law house to say hi to me, since I did not talk to him he talk to my husband. They talk about their past life and the tennessee bankruptcy records. since I don’t know what the talk about I went my parent room and when I came back my husband lift so I called my husband cell phone and ask where are you my husband said I am at my boy house.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Overnight Prints Coupon

Wow the weather here today is very good I am planning to take my kids outside so that they can play for a while. But before we go outside, I will clean up the house a little bit so that when we get inside letter the house is clean. I hope I can finish this quick before the sun come down. Oh, boy I have so many laundries all over the house I could not think which one I should start to clean up. Maybe I will do the laundry first and then the bathroom yeah that is right. What a busy day I almost forgot that I need to search for Overnight Prints Coupon for my aunt oh will maybe I should search it now before I forgot completely. As you know since I arrived here in the United States, I learn so many things like when you shop. You should use some coupons so that you can save some money. I think most folks here in America use coupon every time they shop because they know that they can save some penny in their pocket right folks. Well anyhow, I should start searching for coupon now so that I can start cleaning and take my kids out side before the sun come down.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

fell down

It has been a while that I did not update this site. It because I am so busy and also Jasmine had fever and I need to watch her closely you know. Because she wants to play with her sister, even she has fever. Since that, I am afraid that she affected her other sisters I rather play with her for a few hours. Now that she is okay, and she went back to her school. I had more time to update my site.

Well do you know this afternoon my friend Rita called and start sharing of what happen to her at her friend’s party last night? While her other friends introducing to the other people who are at the party. Rita tried to set down perhaps she did not notice that the chair is broken. When she sat down Rita’s fell down and people try to help her at the same time they are laughing on her. She said that was very embarrassing you know she could not believe that somebody will put a broken chair on that party.

Therefore she went ahead to say good-bye to her friends because she could not stay on that party people are watching on her. Well I guess it well happen sometimes that kind of accident in our life you know.