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Thursday, March 4, 2010

fell down

It has been a while that I did not update this site. It because I am so busy and also Jasmine had fever and I need to watch her closely you know. Because she wants to play with her sister, even she has fever. Since that, I am afraid that she affected her other sisters I rather play with her for a few hours. Now that she is okay, and she went back to her school. I had more time to update my site.

Well do you know this afternoon my friend Rita called and start sharing of what happen to her at her friend’s party last night? While her other friends introducing to the other people who are at the party. Rita tried to set down perhaps she did not notice that the chair is broken. When she sat down Rita’s fell down and people try to help her at the same time they are laughing on her. She said that was very embarrassing you know she could not believe that somebody will put a broken chair on that party.

Therefore she went ahead to say good-bye to her friends because she could not stay on that party people are watching on her. Well I guess it well happen sometimes that kind of accident in our life you know.

1 comment:

Rosa said...

aw, thats really embarrasing :(