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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Index Tabs

I am happy for my sister Aileen because she finally found her soul mate. This morning I wait for my sister to get online. Because last night around 9:00 pm my time I got a text message from my cousin number but it was my sister Aileen she just let me know that she well go to Tacloban city and if she had time she well go to internet café to chat with me. Because she has, many question to ask about her documents. I guess her boyfriends file a fiancé visa that my guess. I am just lucky before because Tim got this Index Tabs for me. I think it is very important to use index tabs because you can find it very easy you know. I just remember when I was at the embassy one-woman said wow your documents is very organizing. I said to her yeah! My husband is very good with that, he always use Index tabs so that it easy to finds save and you can time and she said yeah! That is right. She said I hope all people do that too. Organizing their papers before they handle it to me so that it easy to look and find what exactly I need.

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