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Thursday, March 11, 2010

tennessee bankruptcy records

It has been a while that we did not visit my parent in-law. It because one is our children is so small to travel second ticket are expensive. We figure that they well understand why we did not visit them yet. However, a soon Nadira turns two we probable visit tennesse you know. Right now kids are too small to travel its better for asks to wait in a few month or years. Since Jasmine always talks about her grandma, I decide to call my parent in law this morning. Perhaps no bodies answering the phone maybe my parent in law is in her office already. Since I don’t know the office number I called my husband and ask his mom office number. My husband was curious because I don’t usually call her mom so often but yeah! He give his mom office number and said say hi to my mom to me. Anyhow, the last time visit Tennessee one of the neighbor of my parent in law came to my mother in law house to say hi to me, since I did not talk to him he talk to my husband. They talk about their past life and the tennessee bankruptcy records. since I don’t know what the talk about I went my parent room and when I came back my husband lift so I called my husband cell phone and ask where are you my husband said I am at my boy house.

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