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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

sports bet

When I spoke to one of my friends in Canada yesterday, he was telling me that he is now very tired of his job. He is actually a teacher in Canada he also a coach for football game. He said there are many young students’ loves to play football and he really like to teach them you know. I sometimes delousing to people who has talent in sports game you know. Perhaps I admire them so much too. Like Tiger Woods who is very good in playing golf. And Manny Pacquiao who is very good in boxing and other more players around the worlds. Well anyhow speaking of sports I was just reading on this sports bet all day today and it was very help full to learn about sports you know. I actually plan to send Jasmine in to gymnastic next year I hope I can start driving so that Jasmine can easily go. As you know the other night I did not know what time, my husband goes to bed. He likes to watch basketball. However, he doesn’t know how to play basketball. He said that he knows a little bet the role but he don’t know how to play. Anyhow, that is all for now I need to cook our dinner.
So peace!

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