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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Benefits of Safe Internet Use With Children

While I read many, many warnings and horror stories about children's use of the internet, I rarely read about positive experiences with children and the internet. With proper guidance and supervision, children can not only learn the fundamentals, but also how to use a computer, which is a necessary skill for everyone in today's world.
I love to sit with my daughter and play interactive learning games on the internet. Our hughesnet satellite internet gives us fast-loading pages, which is wonderful for impatient children. We tend to stick to the free websites, but many websites offer low-cost memberships to access a variety of games and activities.
Have you ever researched topics online with your children? We often see unique birds or bugs outside, and take note of their features so we can learn about them online later. We have a few websites bookmarked that have great, simple information and colorful pictures. When family was visiting from North Carolina, we looked up a map online to see how far away they were and what states they would be crossing as they drive our way.
The internet is a virtual library for children. In an instant, you can help them find information that in the past could only be found in library books. With proper supervision and safety, the learning potential is endless!

This was guest posted by Jenni Eiffel

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

snap shot

My older daughter took this picture two weeks ago. Since Jasmine love to take pictures I just wonder if you can consider that as a talent you know. Since everybody can take a snap shot if they want too you know what I mean. But I am sure we will figure it out soon enough.

E! Entertainment

So, there’s a show called “The Soup,” maybe you’ve heard of it? It’s one of the funniest, most absurd shows out there, and it only runs on E!, which I made sure the package I picked from the satellite tv programming packages in my area offered this channel. The Soup is hosted by Joel McHale who is one of the more hilarious, self-depreciating comedians on the market today. He shows clips of other shows, from reality TV to talk shows, and lambasts the hosts and actors for anything he thinks is funny. It’s not only a great way for me to get some side-splitting laughter in, but a wonderful countdown of all the funniest moments on TV from the week that I may have missed otherwise!

Posted by Avery Myers

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I want One Tree Hill back next year!

I have watched the show One Tree Hill since the first season it came out on television. I always really enjoy this show. Monday night I sat down in my chair and turned on the satellite TV to watch it.
The show has not been the same since Lucas and Peyton left. I do still enjoy it though. Haley is one of my favorite characters in the show. She is played by Bethany Joy Galeotti. Her mother died a few weeks ago and this episode showed her trying to deal with her passing. She is not taking it well and ends up yelling at her son, Jamie, which she never does. She totally blows off her music video shoot and at the end of the episode accidentally sets the piano on fire. Her husband, Nathan, finds her and is able to put it out. I am curious to see where they go with this story line. I really like her and don't want them making her crazy. We will just have to see how this one plays out.
Another couple I really like are Brooke, played by Sophia Bush, and Julian. This couple is finally starting to get their act together. He makes her happier than you have ever seen her before. She has learned to trust him and in this episode you see that even more. They are not fighting at all now and just seem happy to be together. There are only a few episodes left this season and so far they haven't said if it will be back next year. I hope they decide to renew One Tree Hill. I will also make sure to compare directv packages so that maybe I can get a DVR to record this show or even get this show in HD.

Shared by Sam Sanders

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

shiekh shoes coupon

It’s about 1:45 in the afternoon my kids are taking a nap so it’s kind of quite here now. I would love to work in our front yard. However the weather it’s not so good outside today. Right now I am washing our dirty cloth and cleaning the house as usual. And while is so quite here I had so many thing pop up in my mind you know. Well let say that I had so many plan for my family back to our country even though I had already own family here. As you know I just send money to my brother last week. Because he text me that he well go to college. Last night my sister text me again and said the money that I send to my brother is not enough. Therefore I just realize how expensive if you go to college nowadays. Since I had to buy shoes and other school supply for my brother and to my younger sister I go ahead and search online. And lucky enough I came up to this shiekh shoes coupon where all kinds of stuff that you can buy. Yeah if you really need to save some cash you just need to search online etc.

Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mangler Reborn was BRUTAL!

In search of a movie that would stimulate the senses, I took the advice of a friend and watched "The Mangler Reborn." I have always been a fan of horror movies, and with the directtv channel Chiller, I have access to tons of them to watch. This movie looked kind of low budget, but the storyline kept it more than watchable for me.
In the beginning, you are shown images of events where this pressing machine was responsible for numerous death at factories. The story suddenly jumps to a woman who calls for a repairman to fix her washing machine for her. Little does she know, that this repairman is much more than that. He is a collector, and has reassembled this horrific murder machine for his non-suspecting victims. After brutally knocking the woman over the head with a hammer, he struggles to get her back to his house, where she will be faced with certain death that she could never expect the likes of. A sub plot in the movie, brings you to a father-son duo of robbers, that case the repairman's house for their next target. Once they get inside the house, they find that it has been rigged to trap anyone that enters. All of the windows have been removed, and each person fights for dear life as they try to figure out why there are all there.
This movie was pretty haunting at points, and was a great way to spend the evening alone in the dark. I highly suggest this to anyone that loves a good, twisted horror flick.

Guest post written by Jimmy Walker

Nothing to do

My 4year old daughter take this pictures.

Friday, May 14, 2010


I was working in our yard this morning since my kids is playing. As you know I am only the one working in our yard most of our neighbors higher somebody. This morning there are five people working in one of our neighbor front yard? I wonder what kind of design they are going to make you know. But I will know soon enough because I can see every time I go out. But since it was already hot outside I decide to get inside and put my kids into their nap time. Right now my kids is in their bed so as usual her I am again playing on the internet surfing what new online you know. But anyhow I just wonder about this big engine machine that most construction worker use. Right now I am currently looking at this dynamometer equipment. And wonder why people invent this kind of stuff you know. I am happy and also jealous to those people who have incredible idea. When it comes to make some powerful technology you know. I just wonder where those idea come from and how strong to build those powerful machine. But I know there are so many genius people that can make and build on what’s in their mind.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

wholesale jewelry

I just notice on my facebook that most of my friends are wearing fashion jewelry. And one of them are trying to sale me a wholesale jewelry you know. Perhaps I said I need to save some cash right now. So maybe next month or too I can have some extra money for these kinds of stuff you know what I mean. Don’t let me wrong I really like fashion jewelry just like in many woman everywhere in the worlds. But perhaps this is not my priority right now. Well speaking of fashion jewelry I just got an idea since we are planning to visit Philippines in the next few months. I just wonder if I will buy plenty of fashion jewelry in the Philippines and sale it to my friends here in the United States for a cheap price. What do you think of my idea I know there are many people sale fashion stuff. But hey it’s always worth if I try my idea what do you think I am sure I can get different style. But that only my plan not so sure you now plus I don’t know how to drive yet. Maybe I will learn to drive first and then think about business.

rubber stamps

Month of March I send a package to my family in the Philippines. Since it was my first time to send a package I keep calling to my sister if they got already my package to them you know. Because sometimes my sisters and brothers had no money to buy load, therefore they cannot call me and said hey big sis I got already your package you know. I also keep trucking my package online since they give me a website where I can truck my package. Speaking of package I just thought about sending another package to my cousin since she always ask about when we are going to visit her you know. Perhaps since we don’t have plan yet when I will send her a small package, I am sure she will be happy and I will try to use this rubber stamps . To make it sure she will get it. Anyhow one of my friends in Minnesota buzzes me on my yahoo messenger this morning. She asks me a favor if I can send money to her family. Since we are close even we meet only one time at the embassy in manila Philippines I said to her okay. Plus we always talk on the phone or in yahoo messenger.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Our First Family Vacation

Our family has grown from a family of seven to a family of fourteen within a few years. Three of us got married and had kids and moved away from home, so having a family get together wasn't as easy as it used to be. Last year we decided to go on our first family vacation. We rented a beach house big enough for all of us and met each other there. Before we left we all had our list of things to do. We packed up our bags, got the groceries we needed, and set our wireless security systems.
We all came from different states, and met at our destination. We chose to go to the beach in New Jersey, since it was middle point for most of us. When we got there we all claimed our rooms and unpacked the food. Every day we had a special event planned, whether we just swam at the beach or enjoyed the water skis. The grandparents watched the young children and all of the older kids went jet skiing one day. Everyone had their share of fun and responsibility. This was actually the first time my husband and I could go out a night alone, since we had babysitters in the same house. The married couples took turns each night to go out and have some fun without the kids, while during the day it was kid time.
This vacation was so much fun, we planned to do it again next year. It will be our annual family reunion filled with a week of fun activities for all of us to enjoy and relax.

This is a guest post by my buddy Wilbur Sams

Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Vacation Worries

We all have hectic lives, especially those of us that are parents. I have a home alarm system in my home. On one of our trips, I was loading up the car, buckled my children in and then had to run back to the car because my son had to go to the bathroom for the twentieth time. We were heading on a three day vacation to Virginia. We were already hours behind and my husband was rushing me to get going so that we could leave. I accidentally shut the door and forgot to activate my wireless home security system. I felt stupid because it should not have happened at all. I had checked the stove, locked the doors, and made sure the mail was stopped, but I had forgotten to set the alarm and keep my home secured.
Being a parent, it is hard to leave your home and go on a trip because you are always afraid that someone will break into your home and steal your personal items. Some of my family’s most precious heirlooms are in my home. I felt less secure without the security system set even though I had locked all of the locks in my home and had deadbolts on all of my doors also. In my opinion, you can never secure your home too much. The family heirlooms in my home if they had been stolen it would be impossible to replace them. What make the items so valuable are the memories that are behind them. You can never replace those even if the item is replaced somehow.
Wireless home security systems are a great addition to any home. As a parent, your home is your base and provides comfort to you and your family members. If a burglary happens then you and your children will feel unsafe for a long period of time. It is hard for me to sleep at night unless I activate my wireless home security system.

Guest post authored by Tom Dundom

Thursday, May 6, 2010

peak district accommodation

It seems to me it’s already summer because the weather start getting to hot. As you know we already went to Virginia Beach last Friday. While we are there at the beach my husband and I talk about our next trip for the summer vacation. Since we know Jasmine know already how to beehive herself. Right now I am reading on this site called peak district accommodation. Where you guys can also choice and peak your favorite place for these summer. I know there are many folks out there searching for cheap ticket where they can have a nice holiday vacation. Therefore if you are one of those people who are searching right now you should consider this site to visit

Thanks and have a great holiday vacation.


Since the weather start getting cold I did not walk to the library. Yesterday one of Jasmine classmate mom picks us to the park. We also pass the library and I wonder there are many bulldozer and construction people at the library. So I ask miss Jen and she said well it because they want to build bigger library you know. As you know that library is already big and it was look new to me. Maybe they want nicer library. But anyhow Miss Jen told me yesterday that I should go too Jasmine school tomorrow because tomorrow they well celebrate the mother’s day at the school. Perhaps I said to her I am not sure if I can do that because we don’t have babysitters you know. She said well I hope I can find one for you. She is very nice person she well find the way so that I can go to Jasmine school tomorrow. I hope my husband is not so busy so that he can watch the kids while I am out for a couple hours.