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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Benefits of Safe Internet Use With Children

While I read many, many warnings and horror stories about children's use of the internet, I rarely read about positive experiences with children and the internet. With proper guidance and supervision, children can not only learn the fundamentals, but also how to use a computer, which is a necessary skill for everyone in today's world.
I love to sit with my daughter and play interactive learning games on the internet. Our hughesnet satellite internet gives us fast-loading pages, which is wonderful for impatient children. We tend to stick to the free websites, but many websites offer low-cost memberships to access a variety of games and activities.
Have you ever researched topics online with your children? We often see unique birds or bugs outside, and take note of their features so we can learn about them online later. We have a few websites bookmarked that have great, simple information and colorful pictures. When family was visiting from North Carolina, we looked up a map online to see how far away they were and what states they would be crossing as they drive our way.
The internet is a virtual library for children. In an instant, you can help them find information that in the past could only be found in library books. With proper supervision and safety, the learning potential is endless!

This was guest posted by Jenni Eiffel

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