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Thursday, May 6, 2010


Since the weather start getting cold I did not walk to the library. Yesterday one of Jasmine classmate mom picks us to the park. We also pass the library and I wonder there are many bulldozer and construction people at the library. So I ask miss Jen and she said well it because they want to build bigger library you know. As you know that library is already big and it was look new to me. Maybe they want nicer library. But anyhow Miss Jen told me yesterday that I should go too Jasmine school tomorrow because tomorrow they well celebrate the mother’s day at the school. Perhaps I said to her I am not sure if I can do that because we don’t have babysitters you know. She said well I hope I can find one for you. She is very nice person she well find the way so that I can go to Jasmine school tomorrow. I hope my husband is not so busy so that he can watch the kids while I am out for a couple hours.

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