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Friday, May 14, 2010


I was working in our yard this morning since my kids is playing. As you know I am only the one working in our yard most of our neighbors higher somebody. This morning there are five people working in one of our neighbor front yard? I wonder what kind of design they are going to make you know. But I will know soon enough because I can see every time I go out. But since it was already hot outside I decide to get inside and put my kids into their nap time. Right now my kids is in their bed so as usual her I am again playing on the internet surfing what new online you know. But anyhow I just wonder about this big engine machine that most construction worker use. Right now I am currently looking at this dynamometer equipment. And wonder why people invent this kind of stuff you know. I am happy and also jealous to those people who have incredible idea. When it comes to make some powerful technology you know. I just wonder where those idea come from and how strong to build those powerful machine. But I know there are so many genius people that can make and build on what’s in their mind.

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