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Monday, May 10, 2010

Family Vacation Worries

We all have hectic lives, especially those of us that are parents. I have a home alarm system in my home. On one of our trips, I was loading up the car, buckled my children in and then had to run back to the car because my son had to go to the bathroom for the twentieth time. We were heading on a three day vacation to Virginia. We were already hours behind and my husband was rushing me to get going so that we could leave. I accidentally shut the door and forgot to activate my wireless home security system. I felt stupid because it should not have happened at all. I had checked the stove, locked the doors, and made sure the mail was stopped, but I had forgotten to set the alarm and keep my home secured.
Being a parent, it is hard to leave your home and go on a trip because you are always afraid that someone will break into your home and steal your personal items. Some of my family’s most precious heirlooms are in my home. I felt less secure without the security system set even though I had locked all of the locks in my home and had deadbolts on all of my doors also. In my opinion, you can never secure your home too much. The family heirlooms in my home if they had been stolen it would be impossible to replace them. What make the items so valuable are the memories that are behind them. You can never replace those even if the item is replaced somehow.
Wireless home security systems are a great addition to any home. As a parent, your home is your base and provides comfort to you and your family members. If a burglary happens then you and your children will feel unsafe for a long period of time. It is hard for me to sleep at night unless I activate my wireless home security system.

Guest post authored by Tom Dundom

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