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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I want One Tree Hill back next year!

I have watched the show One Tree Hill since the first season it came out on television. I always really enjoy this show. Monday night I sat down in my chair and turned on the satellite TV to watch it.
The show has not been the same since Lucas and Peyton left. I do still enjoy it though. Haley is one of my favorite characters in the show. She is played by Bethany Joy Galeotti. Her mother died a few weeks ago and this episode showed her trying to deal with her passing. She is not taking it well and ends up yelling at her son, Jamie, which she never does. She totally blows off her music video shoot and at the end of the episode accidentally sets the piano on fire. Her husband, Nathan, finds her and is able to put it out. I am curious to see where they go with this story line. I really like her and don't want them making her crazy. We will just have to see how this one plays out.
Another couple I really like are Brooke, played by Sophia Bush, and Julian. This couple is finally starting to get their act together. He makes her happier than you have ever seen her before. She has learned to trust him and in this episode you see that even more. They are not fighting at all now and just seem happy to be together. There are only a few episodes left this season and so far they haven't said if it will be back next year. I hope they decide to renew One Tree Hill. I will also make sure to compare directv packages so that maybe I can get a DVR to record this show or even get this show in HD.

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