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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Mangler Reborn was BRUTAL!

In search of a movie that would stimulate the senses, I took the advice of a friend and watched "The Mangler Reborn." I have always been a fan of horror movies, and with the directtv channel Chiller, I have access to tons of them to watch. This movie looked kind of low budget, but the storyline kept it more than watchable for me.
In the beginning, you are shown images of events where this pressing machine was responsible for numerous death at factories. The story suddenly jumps to a woman who calls for a repairman to fix her washing machine for her. Little does she know, that this repairman is much more than that. He is a collector, and has reassembled this horrific murder machine for his non-suspecting victims. After brutally knocking the woman over the head with a hammer, he struggles to get her back to his house, where she will be faced with certain death that she could never expect the likes of. A sub plot in the movie, brings you to a father-son duo of robbers, that case the repairman's house for their next target. Once they get inside the house, they find that it has been rigged to trap anyone that enters. All of the windows have been removed, and each person fights for dear life as they try to figure out why there are all there.
This movie was pretty haunting at points, and was a great way to spend the evening alone in the dark. I highly suggest this to anyone that loves a good, twisted horror flick.

Guest post written by Jimmy Walker

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