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Thursday, May 13, 2010

rubber stamps

Month of March I send a package to my family in the Philippines. Since it was my first time to send a package I keep calling to my sister if they got already my package to them you know. Because sometimes my sisters and brothers had no money to buy load, therefore they cannot call me and said hey big sis I got already your package you know. I also keep trucking my package online since they give me a website where I can truck my package. Speaking of package I just thought about sending another package to my cousin since she always ask about when we are going to visit her you know. Perhaps since we don’t have plan yet when I will send her a small package, I am sure she will be happy and I will try to use this rubber stamps . To make it sure she will get it. Anyhow one of my friends in Minnesota buzzes me on my yahoo messenger this morning. She asks me a favor if I can send money to her family. Since we are close even we meet only one time at the embassy in manila Philippines I said to her okay. Plus we always talk on the phone or in yahoo messenger.

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