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Thursday, May 13, 2010

wholesale jewelry

I just notice on my facebook that most of my friends are wearing fashion jewelry. And one of them are trying to sale me a wholesale jewelry you know. Perhaps I said I need to save some cash right now. So maybe next month or too I can have some extra money for these kinds of stuff you know what I mean. Don’t let me wrong I really like fashion jewelry just like in many woman everywhere in the worlds. But perhaps this is not my priority right now. Well speaking of fashion jewelry I just got an idea since we are planning to visit Philippines in the next few months. I just wonder if I will buy plenty of fashion jewelry in the Philippines and sale it to my friends here in the United States for a cheap price. What do you think of my idea I know there are many people sale fashion stuff. But hey it’s always worth if I try my idea what do you think I am sure I can get different style. But that only my plan not so sure you now plus I don’t know how to drive yet. Maybe I will learn to drive first and then think about business.

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