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Thursday, June 24, 2010

BK Does It My Way

The Burger King commercials starring the King himself are the most hilarious commercials I have ever seen! I have seen several different commercials, the most recent was on a channel that I got by finding cable deals Illinois , but I can't remember the name of it. The best commercial is still the very first one I saw.
In these commercials the King goes into the bedrooms of very much sleeping individuals, and very loudly blows an air horn. These people are, of course, startled awake by this horrific noise, and before they even able to open their eyes all the way they see the very creepy, scary looking king standing in their bedroom.
In the very first commercial of this type put out by Burger King, the guy who was awoken to the King looks as if he saw a ghost, while the King and his friend hold their stomachs from the laughter.
While I would probably be ready to choke my friend if they were to do this to me, these make for the most hysterical, roll on the floor laughing commercials you will ever see in your life! Burger King rules as Commercial King after these hysterical commercials!
Post from guest blogger Hugh Deeb.

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