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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Looking Out for Each Other

Not long ago we all knew our neighbors. We were all borrowing
tools from each other, lending a cup of sugar, and watching our kids play together. In a lot of places things haven't changed. But for most of us, we find ourselves isolated even though we're surrounded by other homes full of people just like us. We might not feel as safe as we did in "the old days." Some of us have installed a home alarm system from Others installed extra locks to feel safe. Some have a loud, barking dog.
Someone though, came up with the "Neighborhood Watch." This brilliant idea brought folks together again for a common purpose: to feel safer. But is your neighborhood watch effective? If it is, then you feel more secure knowing that you and your next door neighbor are keeping an eye out for each other. If your neighborhood watch is not all it can be, then take steps to improve it. The first and best way is to establish events regularly so that everyone can continue to become better acquainted. Secondly, contact a policeman who lives nearby and ask that he or she make extra drives through the neighborhood. Brainstorm with your core group for other ideas. But mostly, YOU can begin today to make it better, by being actively involved ... by knowing your neighbors.
Thanks to guest blogger Heidi Tutt for the post.

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