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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Seinfeld Reruns

I am so glad that they have decided to continue airing my favorite show on direct tv, which is Seinfeld. Ever since I was a young teenager back in the very early 90's, every week I have tried to catch the show. Thankfully, I can now record every episode that has been placed into syndication throughout the entire country. This show is just great. I absolutely love Kramer! he reminds me of my uncle that just comes in like he owns the place without knocking first. Elaine is a very pretty woman that my father has taken quite a liking to also. I can't place the ethnicity, but whatever she is, I like.
There were only a little over 100 episodes ever made, but I can not eliminate the need to watch this show over and over again. I like how the fact that the characters' selfishness gets them into all sorts of problems with other New york citizens. Seinfeld has even been known as a curse show for actors to have worked on, due to the fact that the characters are hard to forget. This made it very hard to be able to get roles in other shows, because so many people identified them as these beloved characters. There will never be another show quite like this one to come along for a long time.

Thanks to my friend Jim Roland for the guest post.

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