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Monday, June 14, 2010

A steady diet of celebrity gossip

To say that I love to read celebrity gossip would be a gross understatement. I think I live on it.
Whether it’s from Perez Hilton, Oh No They Didn’t or Entertainment Weekly, I stay up to speed on the latest divorces, DUIs and rehab visits of my favorite stars with Clearwire. I realize that I should probably care a little more about world affairs than Madonna adopting an underprivileged orphan from a foreign country but consuming all this gossip is my ultimate guilty pleasure.
I also make sure to watch all the celebrity-themed TV shows and news shows, including reality shows starring famous families like theKardashians. Sometimes I even tell my friends about milestones I’ve recently heard about in celebrity families like how I would talk about them like they were happening in my own or actual friends’ lives.
When I moved recently I looked into a lot of Cable and Internet Providers so I could keep up this steady diet and found the right provider through me so I can keep up with all the ridiculously juicy celebrity drama.
Guest post written by Carly Williams

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