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Monday, July 19, 2010


Yesterday we went to a crab party. I met a lot of people and we had great time socializing you know. At the first I told my husband that I don’t want to go. Because one hubby keep saying change your top is not good etc. And when I change it he said again oh okay changes your pants. Since I am a little bit annoyed with hubby I told him that okay I stayed at home. Plus if I go I will missed my show you know. So he said what the purpose of DVR for DIRECTV if you don’t want to use it. So he said okay Janet come on change your pants now so that we can go. Therefore I change my pants again, since our kids are waiting and ready to go. As soon as we arrived their people are already eating taking pictures etc. Hubby office mate said why we are kind of late, so he explained why and so on until their conversation went to DVR for Time Warner Cable and DVR for Dish Network you know. Hubby office mate said that he uses to record something on his DVR. I wonder how many people in the worlds know about DVR. When I was a kid my parent never owned Television and all of the sudden all knew technology pop that quick you know what I mean. I also notice that most folks here in they United States has high definition TV.

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