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Monday, July 26, 2010


I called my sister a minute ago she was not really talking to me because she was watching her favorite show. She could not pose because she doens’t have one of this DVR that we got at home. I sometimes said to myself I wish DVR is cheap so that I can get one for my sister. But if I buy one for my sister Marisol I bit my other sister will get delouse you know what I mean. Will anyhow people how was your weekend I wish you had a great weekend like us too. Well we went to Ocean city Maryland we stayed there one night and the hotel that we stayed with is very clean and nice it has Time Warner Cable . This morning hubby and was thinking of coming back next weekend on my birthday. But perhaps I am thinking since we already spend a lot of money last week and plus we are going to New Orleans next month. It’s better for me to celebrate my birthday at home in this case we can save some money for our family vacation to the Philippines.
But probably hubby doesn’t agree with my plan since this is my priority day you know. He might tell that he already pay the hotel and all that because last year I told him that we don’t go nowhere but he just said to me that oh! It’s already paid so you need to go. So we will see plus I don’t care because that place has Dish Network.

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