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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Finding Summer Friends the Safe Way

Ten years old, just moved into the neighborhood. Now what? Got to find some friends, that's what. Can't spend all summer lazing around indoors, although a good book once in a while wouldn't hurt a thing.
Its too late to join softball or basketball, so the next best thing is to take a walk around the block to see if you can find some kids your own age.
If children are outside on their front porches or on the sidewalk, its safe to approach and start a dialogue. A good opener would be to say that you've just moved into the neighborhood, and ask what kinds of things there are to do when school is not in session.
Always let your parents or another trusted responsible adult know where you will be. Never, ever, even if invited, step inside the home of someone you've just met. The old adage, don't talk to strangers applies to adults in this case.
When playing at home, with or without your new-found friends, its always best to keep your low cost home security system armed. Your parents can give you information on handling this device. Remember, especially at night, keep all doors and windows locked. Some windows have special stops so that they can be opened for air circulation but not wide enough to allow an intruder to enter.
Contributed by Allen Mooney

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