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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fine Art Galleries

This afternoon while I am cleaning I saw hubby Fine Art Galleries in our closet. Hubby is very good in art I wonder if one of our kids can get his talent you know. Two days after I meet my husband we went to the shopping mall and one person asked if we want to buy one of their paintings and my boyfriends Tim, which is now my husband said no thank you. Because he knows how to paint all the art galleries that they have one that store. I can see that Jasmine and her sister love to color. Hubby bought a lot of coloring book. I don’t know if this is the signal of the talent of our kids. I am not so sure since they are so young. My friend always said that the kids can get talent from their father so we will see. What their talent going to be. I don’t have talent so I hope our kid’s brain just like their father. I am not so proud of myself. Because every time I try it seems to me that whatever I need to learn it so difficult you know. But I am just happy because I had so many friends that can cheer up for me.

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