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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Son's First Exposure to the Internet

My child’s internet education actually began with Webkinz. He was given one for his 7th birthday, and was anxious to get it registered and check out the website. So, the first site he ever visited was the one for the adorable stuffed animals.
The first thing we agreed on, for his safety, was that the computer would be situated in a community room, where we can easily see what website he is on. The computer is not in his room. We have hughes satellite internet PA, so the computers can be in any room; but we wanted his computer to be where we could see at a glance what he’s doing. When I’m cooking dinner, or we’re sitting down watching TV in the evenings, we can see exactly what’s going on.
We took the usual safety precautions as far as parental controls go. We also talked to him about not visiting other websites himself; but to talk to us when he wanted to visit a new site. We’ve also continued to talk to him about staying safe onhughs internet, and not giving out any personal information to anyone. While we trust him to do the right thing, the real peace of mind comes from being able to easily and quickly see what website he is on and what he is doing.

Guest post written by Taylor Lions

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