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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Eat Breakfast Even Late!

Ever since I was a kid, I'd love to eat at Denny's. I had acquired taste for breakfast, even for dinner. My fondest memories are setting the Georgia home security system before leaving then heading into the car for a drive that my stomach is already rumbling for in excitement.
Personally, I can't get enough of the Moons Over My Hammy, a delicious sandwich composed of scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese. My brother enjoys the Grand Slams a customizable assortment of breakfast goods. Customers can choose from bacon, sausages, eggs, pancakes, and so on to make their own dish.
While providing excellent service, they seat quite fast and take orders for drinks immediately, Denny's is especially Kid's Friendly which is probably why I admire them since my childhood. The kid's menu has a yummy variety which I remember back then my favorite was the dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets. What kid doesn't love chicken nuggets and dinosaurs? I'm not sure if they still have them dinosaur shaped but there are definitely chicken nuggets.
Kids also have a chance to eat free on select days posted on the windows and doors of the restaurant. There is also the option to have the workers sing happy birthday to the children! Overall it is a very fun atmosphere for kids, yet at the same time can be nice and peaceful.

Guest post by Quincy Lester

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