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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Headed out for a productive trip!!

Headed out for a quick and productive trip to the store... and when I say quick I mean collect my coupons, get the ad, collect my four year old and his shoes, a snack for my four year old, my purse, let the dogs out, let the dogs back in, set the door alarm systems and finally make it out the door.

Who am I kidding no trip to the store is ever quick anymore. I have found myself excited and encouraged to use coupons to save me big bucks at the store, but the trade off of course is time- anymore I'm not sure I have it to give! Coupons have been an amazing source of savings for my family however over the last couple of months as the economy has continued to hit hard here at home. I have found a couple of super helpful internet sites that make the shopping list making easy and provide a great direction for deciding which store to head to, but I sure do wish someone would clip those coupons for me!

Coupons for us are a new way of life. It has become a fun game to see how many items I can come away with for free, something I never would have thought possible! I am looking forward to a time soon when my four year old can cut in straight enough lines to help me out!

Thanks to Marion Watkins

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