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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tally Ho!

During the fall, my family heads to the big horse shows in south Florida. We run a large equestrian operation and my two kids are competitive on the A circuit of the horse world. We gather the ponies into the trailer and then I set the home security before leaving the farm. We drive from the Hamptons down to Palm Beach with 3 kids, 5 horses, 2 dogs and one groom. It can be stressful but, it is so worth every minute of seeing their faces when they get a blue ribbon.
The kids have learned to effectively ride their ponies around a coarse of 8 or so fences at about 2 and half feet high. For each division, there are two over fences classes and one flat class where they put the horses through their gates. The horse and rider are judged separately depending on the competition. I ride too but, I love watching my girls compete. The joy they get remind me of my first love- horses.
We have had their ponies for about three years and we are constantly training them. Ponies are more stubborn then horses but, they are good teachers for my girls. They ponies are a huge responsibility and are great tool for learning self discipline. I am happy we can all bond together in this family affair.
I appreciate the guest post, Ignacio Phillips

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