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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Company Offers Life Insuranc

To those people who are searching for the best insurance company I had some good news for you guys. Because this morning I had found this Company Offers Life Insurance that has very great deal. I know it’s very difficult to make a decision when it comes to this topic. But on this company that I talk about they will guaranty you that you have made the right decision. So if you are interested this website please click the words Company Offers Life Insurance for more info.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Going Hiking is Family Fun

Going hiking is one of our favorite family activities. My husband and I along with the kids and dog enjoy being in the outdoors. Feeling the cool breeze and smelling the eucalyptus and oak is so pleasant. I love hearing the sound of chirping birds and the rustling of furry critters in the bushes. During the warm summer months, we usually make it to the local park trails two or three Saturday mornings a month. First, we have a big yummy breakfast at home then load a backpack with several snacks and bottles of water. We then put on plenty of sun block and sturdy hiking shoes. We also grab a light jacket because it can sometimes be chilly in the woods. Then, we set our boston ADT Home Alarm and drive five miles to the trail head. After parking the car on the dirt shoulder, we start off on the main trail. There are several smaller branch trails that attach to this main trail. So far we have explored practically every trail in that area. Usually, we rotate who gets to choose which route to take. While walking on the trails, we have wonderful family discussions that bring our family closer together. Hiking is so much fun!
Guest post written by Derick Burks

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

promotional calendars

I stop watching movie because a friend of mine called. So maybe I will finish the movie tomorrow since already 10:25 in the evening my time. Anyhow the reason why my friend called late in the evening it’s because her friends gives her two promotional calendars and she to give the other one to me. Also she was so excited because her green card comes this afternoon. Now she and her husband are planning to go vacation in Germany. Since most of her relatives are there. Well my friend is originally from the Philippines. Well I am very happy of my friends that she finally got her visa. I know it’s a month before you can have your visa. But her visa comes quick. Anyhow maybe my friend well come tomorrow here to drop that promotional calendar. I should maybe full out some meat. I don’t know I am kind of lazy now to get down so maybe not. As you know I notice this afternoon on Pilipino channel that they already talk about Christmas. I guess my friend gives me early my gift. Oh well I must think something about what to give to my friend.

Spy Drama "Undercovers" Top Pick for Fall

"Undercovers" is a new fall show that I cannot wait to see. This show premiers on NBC in September. J.J. Abrams brings more spies to the small screen. This time it is a married couple who are retired spies.
Samantha and Steven Bloom are retired spies who now make a living as caterers. When they are recruited by the CIA, the Blooms each accept the offer. The couple did not know one another who they were spies. Now they are back in the spy game and getting to know each other in a whole new way.
"Undercovers" stars Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as the Blooms who have been described as a modern day "Hart to Hart." I have seen a lot of previews and am looking forward to watching it on my Direct TV packages in California. At first I was looking forward to watching because it reminded me of J.J Abram's "Alias." Now I am convinced that "Undercovers" will be something fresh and not reminiscent of Abrams' former show.
This is my top pick this fall. Spy television shows are always fun, but "Undercovers" needs to stand out to make it. "Undercovers" will hopefully live up to expectations.
This guest post from Hong Alexander

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Home Decorating

When I bought my first house I was excited to do all the home decorating myself. I immediately used my clear bundle to begin looking up ideas and thoughts on what to do with my new home. I found places to buy curtains , curtain poles, rugs, floor mats, kitchen items, bath items and more. I wanted each room to be different and planned top paint each room a different color as well. So that each room had it's own theme. My daughter had chosen pink at the time and we decided to do stripes from the middle of the wall up in different colors, a dark pink strip through the middle and a sold light pink on the bottom half. It came out perfect! It did take forever though because of the multi colored stripes on the top half of the wall. The stripes were also different widths as well, which took a lot of time to paint and then remove the tape, dry and re-tape to paint the next colors. But, it was well worth it in the end. The room looked amazing.

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House mom on game day

Most people are shocked to learn that I work as a house mom at a college sorority. They wonder why in the world any sane person would want that job. But I tell them that it's pretty easy and pleasant, really.
The most hectic part about the job though is on football game days when the girls families come into town and want to get a tour of the house that some of their hard-earned money is going to, which is completely understandable. But I really love meeting the parents of the girls and helping ease their fears. We had a little cookout before the first football game this season and I think it was a real success.
I felt really confident this year because after a fiasco where I couldn't hear a sister's mom talking about their family business and had to act like I heard everything, I ended up going to Miracle-Ear. I knew that for this job I needed to keep up with the girls and couldn't let my hearing loss affect my relationship with them.
Some sorority girls may want a house mom who can't hear well so they can get away with sneaking out but I'm not going to be that woman.
Guest post written by Mary Caudill

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Myrtle Beach best hotels

I am so sleepy right perhaps I had so many things in mine to do. So maybe I’ll exercise first so that I can get more energy and after that I will check Because a friend of mine is going to Myrtle Beach and she wants me to search a nice place there where she and husband can enjoy on their vacation. She would love to stay in Myrtle Beach hotel because this place is very close to a shopping area and the view is very fascinating. So I think this well be cool if she can make a reservation at Myrtle Beach best hotels soon. I know she love to stay there for a few weeks also you know and have some fun playing golf for a few rounds. Well I would to go on this place too. But right now we cannot afford to go to a nice resort like my friend.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


I am so busy today cleaning up the house putting the dirty clothes in the washing machine. So therefore I told Jasmine and her sister to watch TV. I am glad that this has great show for children. I guess you know this already that LocalTV-Satellite has great show for children and for adult and even Directv as well. Well that’s what I always do when I’m busy cleaning or cooking I put my kids in front of television. Because if I don’t put them in to watch television they will keep me stopping what I’m doing. I know some parents don’t late their children watch TV for some reasons. But since I’m the only one who does the cleaning of the house I put my children in front of the TV and watch their favorite show.

Friday, September 3, 2010

I miss my Olympus

Yeah! I know most people nowadays have one of this canon camera. Canon camera is always what see to many people who like to take pictures. I don't know because the last time we went to National aquarium in Baltimore Maryland I've notice that most people who is taking pictures had a canon camera.

Oh!Well i just miss my Olympus camera.

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