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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

House mom on game day

Most people are shocked to learn that I work as a house mom at a college sorority. They wonder why in the world any sane person would want that job. But I tell them that it's pretty easy and pleasant, really.
The most hectic part about the job though is on football game days when the girls families come into town and want to get a tour of the house that some of their hard-earned money is going to, which is completely understandable. But I really love meeting the parents of the girls and helping ease their fears. We had a little cookout before the first football game this season and I think it was a real success.
I felt really confident this year because after a fiasco where I couldn't hear a sister's mom talking about their family business and had to act like I heard everything, I ended up going to Miracle-Ear. I knew that for this job I needed to keep up with the girls and couldn't let my hearing loss affect my relationship with them.
Some sorority girls may want a house mom who can't hear well so they can get away with sneaking out but I'm not going to be that woman.
Guest post written by Mary Caudill

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