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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

promotional calendars

I stop watching movie because a friend of mine called. So maybe I will finish the movie tomorrow since already 10:25 in the evening my time. Anyhow the reason why my friend called late in the evening it’s because her friends gives her two promotional calendars and she to give the other one to me. Also she was so excited because her green card comes this afternoon. Now she and her husband are planning to go vacation in Germany. Since most of her relatives are there. Well my friend is originally from the Philippines. Well I am very happy of my friends that she finally got her visa. I know it’s a month before you can have your visa. But her visa comes quick. Anyhow maybe my friend well come tomorrow here to drop that promotional calendar. I should maybe full out some meat. I don’t know I am kind of lazy now to get down so maybe not. As you know I notice this afternoon on Pilipino channel that they already talk about Christmas. I guess my friend gives me early my gift. Oh well I must think something about what to give to my friend.

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