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Sunday, October 31, 2010

multiple domain web hosting

Hello and happy Halloween to everyone I bit everybody at this moment are very busy preparing for the Halloween party or parade. Well I just finish a while ago and since I am waiting my husband to came home. I will check my multiple domain web hosting. Since this morning I got a remainder message from my web hosting service. As you know, I spent hours getting my site organized and personalized. After a while, I began to reflect on some of the commercial websites that I used all the time, and with my newly developed web-design skills, I wondered whether I might set up a commercial site of my own – maybe provide a bit of competition to Friendster, Myspace and Facebook. Well, my husband was very supportive of my idea. He helped me to brainstorm possible names and get a few sites set-up. Then 2009 happened and most of my larger plans were put on hold, where they remain to this day. However, I remain interested in pursuing my dream of an online business of my own. I sometime surf the internet to identify web designers, content providers and other services that might someday help me to achieve my dream.Any how looks like hubby is here now so let me stop here now so that we can start trick or treating. My kids are getting bored already they want to go out side now.But I still need to put my shoes on.SO that is all for now happy Halloween.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

engagement ring

Well the weather here today is very comfortable but very cloudy. Since the weather is very I decide to go for walk with my kids. When I saw the leaves turns yellow and orange I get back in side and get my camera. Well I remember last year this time a year a friend of mine got their engagement rings. It was very nice sunny weather were all beautiful leaves fall down from the trees. Well speaking of wedding rings, I am currently looking at this engagement ring catalog and I really adore on this diamond ring.

Friday, October 22, 2010

butcher block countertop

Well since we are planning to visit my folks in the Philippines, this coming December. Hubby did not higher somebody to remodel our kitchen. He is the one doing it a month ago and now he is almost finish. Now that he is almost done we are thinking of buying one of this butcher block countertop. And probably we well also change our sink into a stainless steel kitchen sink . But not this time maybe after we come back from our trip. Because right now we are trying not to spend any penny if we can help it you know. Oh well but as you know I would love to purchase this adirondack chair that I found online early this morning. Perhaps I very concern about our budget.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm a Mac, Now

I just got a new computer and I couldn’t be happier with my purchase. After years of being a PC person (I had one of the first batch that came out!) I finally converted to a Mac. No, it wasn’t the shiny advertisements or new-age splendor of it all.
I’ve actually crossed over for creative reasons. For years, I’ve wanted to get into graphic design. I know people my age aren’t really that in to Web building and computers, but I’ve really taken an interest in it—and I want to take that a step further, to build my own Web site. Macs are ten times better machines for creative purposes, since they have programs like InDesign and PhotoShop so readily available, so I know I made the right decision. I think I’m going to make a site about my daily life, almost like a blog, so the grandkids and my own kids can keep up with me more regularly, since it’s harder to get together and even harder to find the time to just chat these days—they’re all so busy!

I’m also going to get some for the occasion, too, so I can hear every bit of their amazement. It’s going to be great!
Guest post written by Jean Harrows

Saturday, October 16, 2010

healthcare insurance

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Thanks and have a great weekend.