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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

reputable debt settlement companies

I am new to credit cards. When I was in the Philippines, I never used a credit card until my husband gave me one as a means of transferring cash. I would get cash advances and he would pay the balance every month to avoid finance charges. Here in the United States, both my husband and I generally use only American Express or a debit card on our checking accounts. For a short while after we bought our house, we used credit cards to get work done and to buy furniture, but my husband quickly paid off those cards. I sometimes hear of people who amass huge credit card debt. Indeed, my husband said that he had pretty big consumer debt after college and grad school. I understand that one way to get rid of big debt is to work with a debt relief company. But I think it would be difficult to find a good one. There is a website that I found that has a lot of information about finding reputable debt settlement companies as well as It also gives good information about the different services that are available like debt relief companies versus debt settlement companies and what they do. It is good to know that if I ever had problems with significant credit card debt that I could turn to their services for help.

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